Energy Efficient EC Plug Fans for Fan Filter Units (FFU’s)


EC Plug Fans for FFU Fan Filter UnitsOptimising the performance of an FFU based system within cleanroom and containment applications offers significant energy saving opportunities. High efficiency EC technology lies at the centre of reducing energy consumption in fan filter units, even when systems vary due to airflow path and operating conditions.

FFU manufacturers have risen to the challenge of reducing costs with the development of improved control and EC motor technology. A cleanroom can be up to 50 times more energy intensive than an office building because of the air changes per hour required in class ISO 6 rooms and above, alongside associated air filtration and conditioning.


EC Plug Fans for FFU’s

GWheel for FFUs Fan Filter UnitsEC plug fans lie at the heart of fan filter units, consuming up to 30% less energy due to their Gen 3 motor within the G-wheel backward curved fan range from Rosenberg, delivers high efficiency across a large rotational speed range, is ModBUS compatible and is noise attenuated to suit the requirements of clean room applications.

In combination with the high total static pressure of the fan, the low pressure drop if the HEPA filters within FFU’s achieve optimal external static pressures at a rated airflow to maintain exceptional system performance.



What is a Fan Filter Unit? (FFU)

The FFU is a simple design; a HEPA filter attached to a plug fan and installed within a suspended ceiling grid with for efficiency filtration within containment and clean rooms.

Reintair H14 Filter

Fan filter units are the active elements in clear air work stations, clean transport systems, clean rooms and containment booths, and should therefore be selected to suit the applications. Accurate fan selection is the different between a system that performs and a system that performs as efficiency as possible. The market currently benefits from choice with a vast number of FFU manufacturers offering filtration systems. By choosing FFU modules based on the individual specification and operating duty of each application, designers have the flexibility to vary the air discharge velocities, pressure and airflow within the room.


G-Wheel Backward Curved Impeller Benefits

  • Air Distribution – the impeller delivers high levels of uniformity
  • Noise Attenuated – Considerable quieter than other models
  • Aerodynamic Blades – to optimise flow conditions
  • Energy Efficient – the Gen3 motor offers 30% more efficiency
  • Performance – Pressure optimised wheel, max speed and power requirements
  • Intelligent Control

Download the EC Plug Fans for Cleanrooms brochure

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