Cabinet Cooling Project Proves Axair Knowledge is Power

Bespoke solutions don’t always have to involve bespoke products. Sometimes, the best solution can be found by using standard products but applying them in an unconventional manner.  Axair regularly fulfil customer requirements in this way; a recent example being a project we supported for a well-known control systems company with some very specific enclosure cooling requirements.

The enclosure in question was generating 11 kW of heat; they were attempting to dissipate the British Standard, BS60439, which specifies that the temperature outside of this enclosure should be 35°C. Axair calculated that the airflow required to fulfil this requirement was around 5400 m³/h, including a safety margin. This amount of air was too high to use conventional enclosure door fans (Fan Filter Units). The enclosure also had to remain at an IP54 dust and water ingress protection. Using basic fan laws, Axair designed a bespoke solution to overcome this.


The pressure drop generated from the inlet filters was calculated and based on this we recommended the installation of a backward curved motorised impeller fan. Traditionally used in air conditioning cassettes, filtration and condenser evaporators, these fans are relatively low cost and can be easily housed. While not the obvious choice, a 353mm diameter, 2 pole model provided the required 5400 m³/h, at 140pa, keeping the cabinet cool and satisfying the relevant British Standard.

Axair can supply a variety of fans for a variety of applications but our extensive product knowledge allows us to go that extra mile, utilising our experience to create the perfect solution for our customers and their unique specifications.



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