Cabinet Cooling For Outdoor Electrical Enclosures

Outdoor electrical enclosures can be found almost everywhere you go. Containing expensive equipment, these units are exposed to extreme weather conditions; from high ambient temperatures in Summer to a risk of condensation occurring as the temperatures drop in the Winter seasons. The effects of solar radiation are also evident given the hours that the enclosure is in the direct sunlight.

Electrical equipment used within outdoor enclosures is generally very durable and robust, although not all can tolerate the extremes that the conditions of the enclosure provides. Temperatures within enclosures should not exceed the recommended maximum operating temperature and an excessive heat load can significantly damage components.

There are many factors that can influence the internal temperature of outdoor enclosures including solar radiation and ambient temperatures. This obviously depends on the size of the enclosure as a large enclosure dissipates heat much better than a smaller size. The plastics used with Axair fan filters are extremely resistant to prolonged UV exposure than many competitors in the marketplace. Internal cooling systems must control the enclosure temperature below the maximum equipment temperature and counterbalance the combined effects of excessive heat loads.

Industrial fans such as fan filter units, often in multiples where excessive cooling is required, coupled with exhaust units, can prove sufficient in removing the heat from electrical enclosures. Although often a larger fan unit such as an enclosure air conditioner may be needed to effectively control the ambient temperature within the enclosure. All Axair fan filters from our Italian manufacturer Fandis have been tested in accordance to standard EN60529 which defines the protection degree provided by enclosures. Fandis has performed qualified tests for water ingress in its laboratory; while external accredited laboratory has conducted ingress protection tests.

Subject to external weather conditions, outdoor enclosures, as with any cabinet, are vulnerable to dust and liquid ingress. It is essential that liquid does not enter the enclosure. Choosing sufficient IP rated fan filters coupled with a weather protected steel cowl can assist with water resistance, even from windblown spray. Both the enclosure and the components facing the elements must have this ingress protection rating.

Enclosure cooling fan issues often go unnoticed until components begin to malfunction. Regular maintenance checks and the introduction of new technology to highlight fan failures are increasingly been introduced by manufacturers and fan suppliers to assist contractors and end users. The reliability of electrical equipment is directly related to operating temperatures so if you are experiencing overheating or cooling issues, contact us on 01782 349 430 to discuss your situation or visit to buy cabinet cooling equipment.

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