Built To Last | We Uncover A Fully Working Fan From 1982!

During a recent visit to Supplier partner Ecofit in France, we uncovered a hidden gem. Since the company first began trading as Ecofit in 1976, they have grown tremendously, now having a wide selection of fans and fan motors including EC variants.

It is exciting that within Ecofit’s 40th trading year we have stumbled upon a fully working, yet dusty single inlet centrifugal fan fitted with a forward curved impeller with a date of manufacture from 1982. A massive 34 years since its introduction into the marketplace!
The fan featured in the image, the 4GEC40.27BV, was fitted with a traditional shaded pole motor, which Ecofit previously manufactured alongside their external rotor motors. Featuring a Ø180 diameter impeller, the sleeve bearings motors had two operating speeds; low and high. The customer would select the required speed during installation by wiring the plug accordingly, however this speed could not be altered once the fan was installed and in use unless the plug was rewired.

The, at the time, modern avant-garde design, with the motor present in the airstream, meant the fan assembly was very compact. Usually these motors were fitted outside the airstream, at the back of the scroll. The special bracket meant this fan was a ‘reverse’ assembly.

Unfortunately after a ten year lifecycle, production stopped in 1992 when Ecofit decided to focus solely on External rotor motor driven fans.

For those interested in learning more about the featured fan, we obtained a datasheet from within our archives which can be downloaded here. Alternatively if you require more information on the current Ecofit range please contact us.

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