Biomass fuel fans


AA HIgh Pressure Centrifugal FansAxair Fans now offer a range of fans from Sodeca specifically designed for use in biomass fuel applications. These fans range from low to high pressure and fans for materials handling and high temperatures.

The simplest biomass heaters burn “chipped” or pelletised materials, such as wood, straw and elephant grass and use low to medium pressure blowers, such as our CMP and CMA ranges to provide combustion air.

The energy produced can be used to heat water or air and in the latter case we also offer quiet, low pressure centrifugal fans for space heating in our BD range.


We also offer high pressure, material handling fans which are used for the transport of a regulated supply of pelletised fuel in larger scale, direct burn heaters and high temperature fans for flue gas extract on systems from domestic wood pellet boilers to large industrial installations.

Large scale biomass generator systems use a two stage process of gasification and combustion to convert almost any “organic” waste into energy.

The material can be digested aerobically or gas extracted from the material in controlled, high temperature conditions, both techniques use high pressure fans such as our CA and CAS ranges to provide controlled process air. Please contact our product specialists for further information.

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