Axial Fans | The Hot Spot For Tanning Machine Reliability

We’re all aware that Summer is approaching and with that comes the compulsory suntan required to carry off those garish shorts hidden deep in the wardrobe.  Many of us will achieve this by paying a few visits to our local tanning salon. We also know that these tanning machines or sunbeds use ultraviolet lamps or bulbs that emit UV light to help the user achieve a bronzed suntan. The quality of the tan can depend on the type of ultraviolet lamp or bulb used within these booths. In many cases a quartz type of glass is used and depending on the lamp or bulb used a lot of heat is generated when in use. One of the most effective and efficient methods of dissipating the very large amount of heat generated is through the use of multiple fans used to cool the air at varying locations on the booth.

Without effective dispersion of this heat, tanning booths can become overheated very quickly causing the machine to wear out, rapidly reducing the lifespan of the individual components and also making a very uncomfortable experience for the user.  Cooling fans are especially important in maintaining a steady and constant temperature both within the user area and around the components. This also helps to ensure that the bulbs are at the correct temperature (between 95 and 115 degrees F) to emit the ultraviolet light required to achieve a tan. Uncontrolled heat generated will not only decrease the performance of the system but may lead to full system failure resulting in an expensive replacement or refurbishment of individual components.  This may then lead to dissatisfied customers and a loss of earnings while the failed system is being repaired.

Tanning BedRegular maintenance checks are needed to ensure that the cooling fans, located either at the top of the vertical booth or foot of the horizontal booth, are working correctly. Axair advise that routinely the machine owners run a hand along the top of the canopy when it is closed to feel for the fan performing or along the bench of a horizontal machine. One of the most common causes of high pressure bulbs exploding or outer casing acrylics melting is the failure of one or more of the fan components within the body of the unit. In addition to smaller axial fans, these expensive pieces of equipment may also have circulation fans and an exhaust leading to the buildings main air conditioning exhaust to remove the heat from the building.

Axair produce suitable ball bearing frame axial fans, ring mounted axial fans and double inlet centrifugal fans, all manufactured to the highest standards, suitable for use within tanning machines. Depending on the requirements for specific tanning units, including horizontal, vertical, acrylic casing and spray booths, Axair can supply the right cooling fan for the application providing low cost, low noise, smooth operation and high reliability cooling which will contribute to the stability and long life of the equipment itself.

It’s clear that heat dissipation for the prevention of premature failure is a crucial part of maintaining electronic tanning equipment and within this application a ball bearing axial fan is one of the best methods to keep operations performing in top shape. Get your machines ready for the pre Summer rush and prepare for some maintenance checks now to avoid the loss of income.

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