Axial Fans for Marine and Offshore Applications

HCT Axial For DryingAxair now offers a range of fans suitable for marine and offshore applications. These kinds of environments can be extremely harsh and corrosive. For this reason, a fan range was designed which would be able to withstand such tough conditions.

There are a variety of axial fans available in stainless steel or marine grade finishes such as C3, C4 and C5M according to ISO 12944 which describes the types of paint and paint systems commonly used for corrosion protection of steel structures.

CH3 applies to urban and industrial atmospheres and production areas with high humidity while C4 applies to industrial and coastal environments and chemical processing plants. Finally, C5M applies to high salinity found in marine, offshore and coastal areas.

Our selection of fans includes HCT/MA, a cased axial fan which is duct mounted in and out and HFT/MAR which is cased at the beginning of the duct. Both fans have cast aluminium impellers and sheet steel galvanised casing. Performance available from 3100 to 72000m³/h and diameter from 350 to 1000mm.

The HTP is a high pressure cased axial fan with thick, high–protection anti-corrosive painting type C3. Performance available from 19000 to 157000 m³m/h and diameter from 710 to 1250mm. The HBA is a bifurcated fan for high temperature handling up to 150°. It has an anti-corrosive finish of C3.

The HTMH is a roof fan, fitted with axial fans. With cast aluminium impellers, sheet steel base plate, casing and hood C4 finishing. Two-speed motors with an operating performance from 81700 to 22600 m³/h and a diameter from 560 to 1000mm.

Many of the fans use a class F motor and have an IP55 rating against dust and hosed water. In most cases where the finish is C3 and C4, C5M are available upon request. All motors may not need to be compliant with naval classifications but can be upon request, including Bureau Veritas (BV), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (LR) and many others. For more information contact the Axair team today.

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