Axial air by Axair

Equipment manufacturers everywhere need a variety of fan assemblies to integrate with their product design.

Axair is therefore offering fans in a number of mounting configurations including square and round plate, flat and basket guard, and on the motor back-plate.

In order to optimise performance the fans are available in a choice of 6 impeller diameters from 170 to 400mm, flow directions to extract or supply air, and in 2800 or 1400/min. for fixed or variable speed applications.

Having selected the best mechanical solution there is just the question of single phase permanent capacitor or three phase motor and whether it would be advantageous to have the motor leads pre-wired into a back-plate mounted terminal box.

The range features external rotor motor technology that can save a useful amount of space along the fan axis, as well as permitting infinitely adjustable fan performance by using a low cost electronic voltage/speed controller.

Not only does this range of axial fans free-up the equipment design process but it is available from Axair Fans UK stock in quantities to support anything from development testing, when we can supply free technical advice, through to full production.

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