Axair’s Rosenberg Connection Keeps Rail Fleets On Track

1.3 billion journeys are made on Britain’s railways every year. With this expected to double over the next 30 years, it’s paramount that operators have reliable fleets that are capable of coping with the strain of such intense demand. Technological developments have assisted with this reliability but increased journeys and speeds have led to an increase in the amount of heat generated by a train in operation. This heat can take its toll on the train’s hardworking electrical components as well passengers and staff.

Through our partnership with The Rosenberg Group (Incorporating Ecofit and Etri), Axair can provide a comprehensive selection of fans and air movement products to assist with the removal of excess heat from rail vehicles and help to ensure that fleets can operate effectively
and efficiently.

We can supply fans for air conditioning and ventilation of driver cabs and passenger compartments, cooling systems for switchgear & electronic control panels, component cooling for braking and propulsion systems and component cooling for on-board transformer systems. Suitable for rolling stock, the full rail range includes compact frame axial fans, axial flow fans, forward curved centrifugal fans and backward curved motorised impellers.

Rosenberg & Ecofit fans all use external rotor motors which allows for a compact fan assembly that is ideal for use in the restricted on-board space of a train. External rotor motor fans are capable of a wide range of airflows/pressures whilst producing low noise emissions and requiring minimal maintenance.

The Rosenberg Group possess unparalleled experience in the development of rail air movement systems and have worked with OEM customers such as Bombardier, Alstom, Stadler and Siemens. Together, Axair and The Rosenberg group can provide systems for high-speed, long distance trains and short distance, regional trains, as well as city trains, metros and trams. All Rosenberg Group rail products are designed and manufactured to comply with the highest International railway standards. If required, we can utilise the group’s R&D Engineering Team to assist in the development of innovative bespoke solutions.

For more information, see our Fans For Railway Applications page or contact one of our engineers today.

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