Axair Work with Kid Safe & Staffordshire Schools

Kid safeAxair is proud to once again support the road safety initiative for Staffordshire Schools in partnership with Kid safe.

Last year the use of educational games teaching road safety awareness, stranger danger, racism and bullying initiatives proved highly successful. With fewer road incidents in Staffordshire schools and an excellent engagement level between teachers and pupils.

The games feature thought provoking spaces throughout the path including choosing the safest place to cross, keeping clear of the road and kerb side in busy traffic times, listening to traffic sources on bends, not talking to strangers and situational scenarios around racism and bullying.

Axair is delighted to support the safety initiative again and continue to be a member of the premier supporters club for Staffordshire schools in 2017-2018. This valuable sponsorship ensures that Kid safe can produce, package and post educational board games for students and then work with young children to further develop the initiative. As the environment around us changes, so do the risks. The continuous development of this source ensures that these new challenges that young children face can always be addressed and taught, keeping our children safe in the world around us.

We look forward to increasing the awareness of more children and educators in the Staffordshire area in 2018 and beyond.

For more information on the Kidsafe initiative you can visit their website.

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