Axair responds to customer feedback with an all new pedestal for our range of polypropylene fume extract fans.


S20 polypropylene fanAxair Pedestal

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation
  • Two sizes available
  •   3mm thick galvanised folded mild steel
  • Fixing holes for removable weatherproof motor cowling
  • Corrosion resistance of 20 years




Axair offers a range of accessories for the installation of  corrosion resistant polypropylene centrifugal fans. After previous consultation with their customers, it became apparent that the demand for this type of product was growing and so the company developed and continue to stock its metal pedestal.

The pedestal offers greater rigidity, stability and durability with the added advantage of improved anti-vibration mounting. It is available in two sizes, covering the fan range from S15 up to S30 and is made of hot-dipped galvanised, mild steel that is 3mm thick. In the manufacturing process the steel is folded then welded; it provides a stronger, more stable assembly, even when using the larger, heavier motorised units.

The galvanised finish ensures a 20 year resistance to rust and other types of corrosion making it suitable for outdoor installations. The frame is pre-drilled to accommodate Axair’s own plastic weatherproof cowl, saving the installer time and money on outdoor installations.

Utilising a pedestal with the fan in a fume extraction system will also ensure more stability when used with Anti-vibration mounts. The mounts are fitted between the pedestal and the mounting surface and help to absorb vibration and attenuate fan noise. The design of the pedestal allows a better distribution and balance across all four mounts, ensuring all are under compression.


For more information on our range of fan accessories or to discuss your system requirements contact our industrial team.



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