Axair Offer a Bespoke ASKD Fan Solution for a Cold Storage Unit

There is an array of cold storage units on the market these days. These can be portable or static and vary in shape, size and number of storeys. The one thing they all have in common though is they have to stay cold. Used in industries such as catering, chemistry and healthcare, average temperatures in these units tend to be between -25°C and -30°C and fan systems play an integral role in maintaining this.

Axair recently worked with a HVAC contractor with some very precise temperature requirements and this would mean the supply of a specialist system. The contractor was maintaining a unit that was capable of working at -32°C to -35°C. Most standard condenser fans only work to -30°C, therefore this created a problem. Having already seen a number of standard fans fail in the unit, the contractor contacted us for help. By utilising our partnership with the Rosenberg Group, we were able to provide a bespoke solution. We specified a Rosenberg AKSD 450-4 N.5FA A4 condenser fan equipped with a special ball bearing capable of functioning at temperatures as low as -40 c; consequently ensuring that the storage unit could maintain the required performance.

This is yet another example of how we utilise our alliances with leading European manufacturers to create the perfect solution for our customers and their specifications. Based in Künzelsau, in Germany, Rosenberg are air conditioning and ventilation experts and have supported clients such as Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft. Cold storage is one of their specialisms and they can supply EC axial fans for virtually every eligible power range. To find out more about our cold storage capabilities and the Rosenberg product range, contact one of our specialist Product Engineers today on 01782 349430.