Axair offers the key to flexibility


In order to cater for the changing needs of the equipment manufacturer, Axair Fans Limited offer a versatile range of single inlet centrifugal fans. Axair are the exclusive UK Distributor of Ecofit external rotor motor fans which include the ‘GRE’ range of single inlet centrifugal fans.

As standard the ‘GRE’ fans have a plain rectangular discharge flange, which is the favoured design for attaching the fan to a flat surface. Axair however, enable a number of options for different situations. Where mounting the fan at the air discharge face is preferred a full flange is available with industry standard mounting holes.

In special circumstances where a fan has to be mounted at its discharge face, but close to a panel, the solution is to choose side ‘ears’.  The ‘ears’ allow for compact assembly and eliminate top and bottom flange edges. Both of these detachable features are available from Ecofit and are kept in high stock levels by Axair, who will assemble any fan to a chosen specification.

With a multitude of possible combinations, the ‘GRE’ range is available for use on single phase electrical supply, 50 or 60 Hz frequency, in 2 or 4 pole motor speeds. There are 11 basic models of single inlet fans available providing air flow rates up to 600m³/h. There are also the options of having a capacitor supplied loose or pre-wired to the side of the fan housing and a connector box.

There is also a selection of EC fans (Electronically Commutated) which combines the simplicity of 230V AC input, whilst running internally on high voltage DC. This option offers a number of benefits including low running costs, speed control, ease of use, high efficiency and longer lifetime.

All models are ErP compliant, contact Axair Fans for further information.

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