Axair Keeps Countries in Motion


Fan manufacturer Etri, based in France has been supplying standard and special fans for over 50 years. Etri is renowned for their experience within the railway industry and can supply a wide range of products for various rail applications, including cabin air conditioning, electronic cooling, and extraction systems.

The company has also recently developed a special fan for a very special railway application. Trains operating in extreme climates like Siberia have issues starting in the morning; particularly when the thermometer is around -40°C.

At these temperatures, most of the locomotive is completely frozen and will not start. The Etri 856DW is designed to blow air against a heater which will slowly preheat the locomotive.

The fan is fitted with Ø350 backward impeller, powered by 1.3kW motor 72VDC. The winding is protected to Class H for insulation. The maximum airflow is 1800m³/h and maximum pressure at nearly 2000Pa. For more information about Etri products and technical advice, contact Axair today.

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