Axair Fuel Fans For Efficient, Clean & Safe Biofuel Drying

With renewable energy sources on our mind, we recently posted a blog update around Biomass as an alternative to fossil fuels so now we’re delighted to be able to add another renewable energy biofuel source provider to our midst, improving our expertise and improving the carbon footprint of UK businesses. From our previous post here, you’ll be aware that Biomass technology is safe, clean, reliable and sustainable, and as an example, a company spending £15,000 on heating can save up to 70% on heating and 50% on fuel costs. With such significant savings and energy reduction it’s clear why the spotlight is on renewable sources. This Spring, a renewable energy facilitator producing locally sourced accredited in the form of woodchip for commercial and domestic supply, approached us to facilitate the drying process of their biofuel.  

Many biofuel materials include logs, woodchip and wood pallets which utilise a state of the art drying process to enable them to increase the yield produced. The process begins when logs are sourced from regulated and well managed woodland areas across the UK, again ensuring the source is reliable and sustainable. These logs are chipped to enable them to be the required size. However, at this point they contain 60% moisture content. Drying happens by loading this woodchip into an air vented drying bin that has hot air blown on to it to force the woodchip to dry. This drying bin has a walking floor which moves the woodchip through the bin and onto the conveyor carrying the then 30% moist woodchip into a dry building. To achieve the drying of the sheer amount of woodchip is no easy task, but one that the CMRS 1000-4T-7S, a medium pressure, single inlet centrifugal fan with high performance, all steel backward curved impellers from supplier partner, Sodeca, can achieve with ease. Fitted with a 1000mm diameter impeller, the supplied fans are direct driven with an IE3 efficient 55kWa motor, class F insulation and benefit from IP55 environmental protection against dust and liquid ingress ensuring the fan is capable of handling small amounts of particles in the airstream. The moisture content of the biofuel woodchip is a crucial part of the energy generation and in ensuring that the biomass boiler runs efficiently and reliably. If the woodchip is too low in moisture it will burn too quickly while too much moisture will encourage the burner to cut out.