Axair Fans Help New Waste Burner Catch Fire

Mobile incinerators have transformed the waste management industry; allowing for the safe and sterile incineration of potentially hazardous waste, without the need to transport it to designated sites. Axair are supply partners with a global leader in incineration and recently supported the development of a highly efficient and environmentally friendly mobile waste disposal unit.

Every one of their new mobile units will contain an Ecofit 2GRE45, 160X62 R, as supplied by Axair. The unit utilises the fan to create a cyclonic effect, assisting the high temperature rapid incineration of pre-loaded waste and eliminating potentially dangerous waste movement.

Designed for use at areas such disaster sites, temporary camps and leisure sites; the mobile unit can be used to destroy contaminated waste, general waste and even drugs. Waste can be reduced to 3% of the initial volume and as no operational fuel is required, the running costs are extremely low. The environmentally friendly unit emits no smoke or odours due to the high temperatures within the combustion chamber.

An Ecofit single inlet forward curved centrifugal fan proved the ideal choice for managing the unit’s combustion air and is equipped with an external rotor motor which is cooled by the incoming ambient air. The medium pressure fan is also particularly good for use with variable voltage speed control devices, which in this instance allows for unique control of the burn process. Typical applications for the Ecofit 2GRE45 include air filtration, spray containment, fume control and heat recovery.

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