Axair Encourage Young Children To Play Safe To Stay Safe

In the last six months Axair has taken our commitment to getting involved in the environment and local community seriously. From support for local families and the elderly, our local community clean up initiative and becoming a carbon zero company, we’re excited to officially sponsor the Kidsafe initiative for Staffordshire Schools.

kidsafeThrough our support, Kidsafe can provide informative and educational material to encourage children to consider key topics including road safety, stranger danger, racism and bullying, drugs and the green cross code. The ‘play safe, stay safe’ game packs provided to local schools are designed to capture a child’s imagination in a way that they will find fun while also making parents aware of how the dangers children face today differ from those experienced when they were children.

Axair are delighted to support the initiative and become a member of the supporters club for Staffordshire. Many of our team have young children in the local area so we’re looking forward to hearing their feedback when the topic is covered in their education and developing a ‘Being Safe Is Fun’ mindset.

To read more about the Kidsafe initiative you can visit the website.

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