Axair Becomes A Carbon Zero Company

Axair Becomes A Carbon Zero Company

With Green and environmental issues being of huge importance with UK Businesses, Axair have taken their Green credentials a step further to become a carbon zero company by offsetting their carbon emissions in partnership with carbon management company Co2 Balance.

Carbon reduction programmes aim to work alongside environmentally responsible businesses and under developed communities to reduce the impact on climate change and global emissions.

Each year in low income and under developed countries, 2.7 billion people rely on traditional biomass and cook stoves for their daily needs. The nature of these open fires and the volume of wood stocks used to facilitate this method of cooking contributes to negative climate change, deforestation and leads to poor heath and poverty within these communities. By supporting the clean cook stove carbon offset project, Axair Fans contribute towards providing energy efficient enclosed cook stoves that save wood and reduce carbon emissions in addition to producing significant environmental, social, health and welfare benefits for the communities in which they work. Replacing these open fires with efficient enclosed stoves reduces the amount of firewood consumed by up to 70% and in term decreases the need for deforestation which also has a positive impact on the Co2 removed from the atmosphere during photosynthesis. In addition to the reduction in fuel there are many other benefits from the installation of energy efficient stoves. Significant health benefits are also evident due to the stoves being heat efficient and reducing smoke production by 80% so creating a reduction in the level of smoke inhaled. In short this leads to a reduction in the UK’s carbon footprint, a significant decrease in air pollution ultimately resulting in less pressure on forests and energy resources.

Axair are committed to their green credentials and have for many years adopted environmentally friendly behaviours as a business from basic energy saving practices including electricity and gas reduction, energy efficient warehouse lighting, fuel efficient cars and office recycling. With Climate change on the agenda, extensive research and development is carried out to bring the best products with minimum impact on the environment. The Electronically Commutated (EC) range is an energy efficient  means of air movement which can contribute to increasing the overall efficiency of an application. The results are reduced energy consumption producing an increased efficiency of up to 70% on current models.








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