Axair Fans Specify Inline Duct Fans for Large Inflatable Structures

Axair Fans continue to support Evolution Dome, an events company specialising in temporary inflatable constructions, by specifying another fan to create the required pressure and volume to inflate a large structure at an event. Not only quickly but to maintain a constant pressure throughout to ensure it remains rigid during the event. Axair are pleased to have helped Evolution Dome deliver some memorable and thrilling events for a wide range of customers, including local councils, corporate clients, PLC’s and some of the world’s biggest event organisers. Combining a great manufacturing process to ensure a rigid, windproof and eye-catching structure.

Promotional branding and marketing ideas are always changing, you could say they’re evolving as new methods and initiatives are introduced that catch the customer's eye and put the brand at the forefront of their minds. The majority of the Evolution Dome structures are inflated using Axair's RS315L Inline Duct Fan, manufactured by Rosenberg, which can produce up to 700 pascals and 1750m3/hr at free air.

Evolution clearly states that their structures will remain inflated should a power failure occur and with the amount of air used in this application, it’s clear that the fan units used are of paramount importance. For safety reasons, Axair provides finger guards and wiring to complement the RS315L which are added at a later date by Evolution to complete the unit. The image shown indicates the solid construction of these structures in addition to highlighting where the relevant Inline Duct fans (shown in orange on the latter drawing) will be added to the infrastructure during an event set up. Evolution Dome is the only temporary inflatable structure supplier certified to EN, BS & DIN. Visit the Evolution Dome website to see the full range. For more information on our Rosenberg Inline Duct Fans download the brochure here or alternatively contact us to discuss your project or our bespoke customisation of standard products to meet your requirements on 01782 349430.

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