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Shopping Centre ECFanGrid Refurbishment

A shopping Centre in London recently underwent a major refurbishment of its supply and extract AHU’s. This included the upgrades to the gas burners, filters and fans. Axair were approached to provide ECFanGrid replacements for the existing fan to improve energy efficiency.

Of the Supply units, there were three principle AHUs, all of them twin double inlet belt drive configuration fans. These were dismantled and disposed of by the onsite project delivery team from Air Wizard.

For the extract units, the existing fans were single inlet belt drive fans, unusually these units were not contained within an AHU and were standalone units, this meant that for delivery of this project flat-packed enclosures were supplied to house the ECFanGrids. The ECFanGrid was easy to install despite building restrictions thanks to its modular design. Each fan was simply carried through doorways and staircases without the need for any lifting gear or building alterations by just two operatives.








The ECFanGrids not only improved the energy efficiency for the shopping centre but the easy installation also helped maintain a tight replacement schedule which is crucial in such an environment.

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If you would like us to specify an ECFanGrid for your application, please complete our retrofit enquiry form with the necessary details and send it to sales@axair-fans.co.uk. One of our team of product sales engineers will be in contact.


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