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The Benefits of Warehouse Ventilation

For businesses with a warehouse, ensuring that it is well ventilated is vital. The main reason is the risk to the health of the employees. Not only will it affect health, but it will also affect the productivity of the employees, the equipment, goods and energy bills. In order to run an efficient warehouse, ventilation must be carefully considered. Axair were asked to supply a local engineering firm with several plate axial fans for their large warehouse. The company then visited the warehouse to gather some feedback.

The product engineers at Axair supplied multiple cased axial fans – the HCT-80-6T manufactured by Sodeca. The fan also allows for easy fixing onto the building and is designed for use in high-pressure applications.

The fan was needed to ventilate a large engineering warehouse, where indoor temperatures were becoming increasingly harder to work in. Staff had measured the heat at a high of 52 degrees Celsius, and would be at an average of 45 degrees Celsius, as the UK saw an influx of warmer weather. In order to lower the temperature and create a healthy, safe and productive working environmentVentilation for their employees, Axair utilised their expert technicians to select a fan suitable for the application.

Whilst visiting the warehouse, Axair caught up with some employees to gather opinions on their working conditions. They felt that the ventilation put in place made them comfortable, which made them work better. Many employees felt that working in such temperatures was exhausting, and impacted on their energy and productivity levels. However, it isn’t just employees that are affected, businesses can suffer financially as a result of poor ventilation. The equipment, which in this case was large specialised engineering equipment, needs to be in a suitable environment to operate properly and efficiently.

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