Anti-Condensation Heaters For Effective Enclosure Temperature Control

Anti-Condensation Heaters

anti-condensation heatersAnti-condensation heaters can tackle humidity problems within enclosures. Condensation can be a huge problem with a potentially costly aftermath. Condensation is created by warm moist air coming into contact with cooler surfaces which can cause equipment to fail.

This problem can be eradicated with the use of an anti-condensation heater. By keeping an enclosure at a temperature of as little as 5 degrees higher than that of the ambient temperature, condensation can be eliminated.

In partnership with our Italian supplier partner Fandis, Axair can to cater to all our customers electrical enclosure needs.

There are 2 anti-condensation in the range; the H series and the RAC series.

H-Series Anti-Condensation Heaters

The H series have a built-in, long life, axial fan forcing air circulation within the unit. This gives even heat distribution within the enclosure thus minimising the risk of condensation. They are available in either metal or plastic cover. The plastic covered heaters are touch safe meaning they have low surface temperatures allowing for safe maintenance. They also come with thermal protection which prevents the device against overheating. The H series electrical connection comes with a cable or clamp-free tool terminal. There is also a high performance version.

RAC Series Anti-Condensation Heaters

The RAC series are designed with built-in temperature limiting PTC devices that prevent over-heating. RAC’s feature two/three-pole cable or three-pole terminal block connections and heating power from 15 to 150W. These can also be fitted with optional thermostat or hygrostat to monitor temperatures and humidity levels. The RAC with cable connection comes in IP50 and is also available in a DC version.

Both the H and the RAC series come with IP20 as standard. They can both be precisely controlled with optional thermostat or hygrostat fittings to monitor temperatures and humidity levels and have clip fastening systems for 35MM DIN rails.

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