Another Arrival In Our EC Family

The number of EC technology fans that we can offer is growing all the time and we have now added an 80x80x38mm frame axial fan to our portfolio of energy saving wonders.

Lots has been written about the advantages of choosing EC over AC  and this model is no different, benefitting from the integrated AC to DC converter and a permanent magnet motor (PMM).

EC Compact Axial FanIn comparing the EC model with the AC equivalent, the EC comfortably comes out on top, with fantastic performance and maximum efficiency. Not only does the EC fan provide 70% more air (68m³/h against 40m³/h) and 50% more pressure (53Pa against 35Pa), it requires 65% less power to do so (5w against 14w). Ultimately, the EC model can provide twice the airflow; twice the pressure and can save you money at the same time.

The EC fan is the lighter option, benefitting from a robust plastic casing and smaller motor. The smaller motor diameter also allows for an extra airflow area, 26% greater than the equivalent AC model. The plastic frame on the EC model is fitted with moulded discharge vanes which further improves flow rate and pressure development by directing and straightening the air flow.

Available in 230v and 115v, these fans are in stock now and are the ideal option for applications such as air heaters, fan trays and data centre cooling. For more information contact one of our engineers today.


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