An Air of Luxury

Individual, elegant, luxurious. These are not words that you would normally associate with industrial fans; however Axair are playing their part in the creation of a number of highly exclusive products that certainly warrant such grand description and can add a distinctive dimension to your car, home or office.

Luzzo Bespoke Ltd, based in Brackley, Northants, design and make high end, bespoke furniture and lifestyle goods. Their precision engineered products include desks, tables, chairs and cabinets, as well as customised accessories for a number of British luxury car brands. Axair recently supplied Luzzo with a number of double inlet centrifugal fans or ‘inch blowers’, as they are often referred to.


Inch blowers are used for many different applications including ventilation boxes, air handling units and professional kitchen hoods. Luzzo used the blowers in their spray booths, helping them to control the airflow and reduce the concentration of fumes and paint particles in the air. Consequently, this helped them to achieve the superior finish seen on items such as their Rolls Royce Rear Seat Mounted Drinks Unit and their Bugatti inspired office desk.


Axair Fans offer a range of inch blowers, with sizes varying from 190 to 390mm in impeller diameter, this allows for airflow of up to 12000m³/h. Many of the models are compliant with ErP 2013 regulations and are available in single or 3 phase, and 4 or 6 pole speeds.

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