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The refurbishment of existing air handling equipment is a practical alternative to replacing with a whole new system, benefiting from cost effectiveness, less disruption, more flexibility and the ability to improve existing specifications.

During any AHU refurb all fan types can be replaced with the latest energy efficient fans with either the option of EC motor with on-board controls or traditional fan motor and inverter combinations. For example replacing old forward curved fans with backward curved plug fans can reduce energy consumption by up to 70%.

When Axair were approached by a market leading AHU refurbishment specialist Axair was pleased to help.

The end user was high profile toy retailer ‘Toys R Us’, who’s entire H&V system was offline so a swift refurb was top priority.

IMG_4100Ordinarily the system would be upgraded with EC plug incorporating variable speed drives fans but in this instance the set up and design of the unit didn’t allow for the regular configuration. As seen in the image to the left, prior to refurbishment, the system was using three forward curved centrifugal fans configured connected to one shaft powered by a single 22k/w motor running at full speed with an inverter, these set ups are traditionally energy hungry and when compared to direct drive individual fans can often be extremely power hungry!

To improve the efficiency and performance of the Air Handling Unit overall, three double inlet fans DHAF 400-4 made up of two back to back backward curved impellers in a scroll, were suggested. Running on a 4k/W motor each (12k/W in total), the overall power was reduced by 10k/W while achieving the same duty as the original configuration. To ensure reliable operationIMG_4125 and increased energy efficiency, Axair suggested the ABB inverters alongside the fans to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.

The project was turned around within 3 weeks from concept to install and comfortable toy retailing was resumed.

For assistance with fan selection on any AHU Refurb or other air movement project, contact Axair on 01782 349430 or email sales@axair-fans.co.uk






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