Axair Fans UK now has one of the most comprehensive selection of ac frame axial fans on the market. Starting with the smallest, Axair offers the Costech 60mm square x 30mm thick frame size, a popular size for DC fans but rarely seen as an AC fan product.

At the top of the range is the ECOFIT 280mm square x 80mm thick frame size, again not widely available. This fan utilizes an IP44 protected external rotor motor which is capable of delivering 1705m³/h airflow. The cast aluminium frame provides a choice of mounting centres. The full range of AC compact fans is available with ball bearings (sleeve bearings available on most sizes) and therefore allows operation in any position.

Intermediate sizes include more popular square frames, such as 80x80mm, 92x92mm, 120x120mm, 127x127mm and 218x218mm. Round or semi-circular frame sizes are also available with a selection 172x150mm semi-circular or “fish eye” shape fans and completely round frame in Ø172. All Axair compact fans can be specified for 230V or 115V AC single phase supply with purpose-designed accessories such as finger guards in plastic or metal, elastic mounting rivets, plastic mounting rivets, power leads and air filters.

Other useful options include metal impellers, high ingress protection such as IP25 and IP55, and for operation in continuous temperatures up to 90°C.

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