The Heat-Resistance is On: New CLIBOS-TR High Temperature Fan

Our supply partner, Casals Ventilation, has recently launched a new high temperature fan designed to handle the hottest air yet. Listening to the requirements of customers in industries that have the challenge of extremely high temperature operations, a solution has been developed to move air and gases up to 350°C. High Temperature Fan Applications The innovative use of high density rock wool insulation, heat-resistant paint coatings and carbon laminated steel means that the CLIBOS-TR series can withstand extreme conditions. Such environment...

Wastewater Treatment Ventilation: Polypropylene vs. Stainless Steel and GRP

Wastewater Treatment Plant Corrosion Resistant Ventilation

Environmental wastewater treatment plants face a number of challenges in terms of ensuring safe and effective ventilation. Water treatment processes must control hazardous substances, chemicals and gases such as methane, ammonia, phosphorous, pesticides and carbon dioxide. Consequently, wastewater treatment plants are, by their nature, one of the harshest engineering environments.

Why is Ventilation Necessary?

Ventilation is necessary in providing a safe clean air environment for employees working on site. Water treatment ventilation...