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External Rotor Motors


Crossflow or Tangential fans are designed to provide a 'curtain' or 'laminar' air pattern to work against relatively low flow resistance. Air is picked-up across the full width of the impeller and flows tangentially through the housing in either 90° or 180° flow directions, to order. As the motor is out of the airstream the temperature of the transported air can be up to 60°C. The motor itself is of ball bearing external rotor construction and can be speed controlled by voltage variation alone.


Air conditioning units, air curtains, heating and cooling coils, lamp cooling, solarium equipment, special effects.

Technical Specification

Specification Description
Motor Type External rotor motor, out of airstream

Single phase

Protection IP44

Long bladed tangential flow


Laminar air discharge


Brackets on the impeller housing

Pressure Low
Speed Control Voltage variation

Ø80 to 133 impeller

Flow Rate

1800m³/h range maximum


80 Pascals range maximum