Smoke Extraction Induction Jet Fans

In recent years, jet fans have been used in horizontal ventilation systems, also known as impulsion or induction ventilation systems, have been established as an alternative to the traditional ones which were based on networks of ducts for extracting and supplying air. This technology is based on the longitudinal ventilation systems used in tunnels, which create a flow of air at sufficient speed to sweep the area to be ventilated.

Jet Fans and induction fans at air entry and exit points create the induction phenomenon, extracting the air and smoke from the area. This ventilation system is based on the impulsion of a small amount of air at a high speed, which homogenises the rest of the air. The system also makes it possible to keep polluting gases at low concentration levels without the need to start up the whole of the car park’s ventilation system. By starting up just the induction fans, in combination with designing zoned or staged ventilation systems and a gas detection system, it is possible reduce power consumption and noise levels, and to extend the useful life of the equipment. With impulsion ventilation, it is possible to design smoke control systems to be used when there is a fire and which satisfy the three standards enshrined in British and Belgian regulations.


JF F400 Long Range Axail Jet Fan

JET Fans Smoke Extraction JF F400Design

Jet fans especially designed for tunnel ventilation. 400ºC/2h, 300ºC/1h and 200ºC/2h Certificates according to model

Powerful jet fans especially designed for tunnel ventilation for the smoke extraction in case of fire 400ºC/2h, 300ºC/1h and 200ºC/2h according to model.

JF F400: Single-direction or reversible long range jet fan cast-aluminium impeller construction for medium thrust. 400ºC/2h, Certificates (EN-12101-3, with certification no. 0370-CPD-0305)

FANSheet steel thick long casing motor base welded to the casing, Aerodynamic inlet and discharge cone. Optimum surface protection by means of high quality steel. Tubular silencer connected to both endsMOTORMax temperature of air for transport: S1 Service -20ºC + 70ºC for continuous use
FINISHHigh-protection, anti-corrosion steel, specially primed and high-quality paint for corrosive environments.ON REQUESTStandardised IP-55 motors, ATEX motors and two speeds Made entirely from stainless steel. Hot-rolled galvanised steel construction
MODELSAvailable from diameter 560 up to 1600mm, Air Volumes from 27,000 up to 319,000m³/hAPPROVALSApproval according to standard EN-12101-3-2002, F400 : 400°c/2hours, certificate no.: 0370-CPD-0822
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SYBILO - Centrifugal Long Range Jet Fan - ATEX Certified

sybilo Jet fan smoke extraction fan


Centrifugal long-range induction and impulsion fans 400ºC/2h, for working within the fire danger zones, with low profile

SYBILO: Low profile and wide air volume fan with galvanised steel casing and strong backward curved impeller. Certified 400ºC/2h ATEX (EN-12101-3, with certification no. 1511-CPD-128)

FANSheet steel casing impeller with backward curved blades manufactured from robust sheet steel. Outside connecting box and fixing stand includedMOTORSingle- or two- speed depending on the model Max. temperature of air for transport: S1 Service -20ºC+ 40ºC for continuous usage, S2 Service 300ºC/2h
FINISHAnti-corrosive finish in polyester resin, polymerised at 190ºC after alkaline de-greasing and phosphate free pre-treatment. MODELSAvailable from diameter 500 up to 1000mm, Air Volumes from 3,400 up to 12,000m³/h
APPROVALSApproval according to standard EN-12101-3-2002, F300 : 300°c/1hour, certificate no.: 0370-CPD-0715
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These regulations form the basis on which the European Committee for Standardisation is drafting the future European Smoke Control in Car Parks Standard – EN 12101-11 and assist in:

• Extraction the smoke during and after the fire (smoke clearance)

• They facilitate the work of the fire service (fire fighting)

• They facilitate the safe evacuation of occupants (means of escape)

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