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'FPF' Series - Fan Filter Units


Fan filter assemblies are purpose designed to provide clean cooling air to electronic and electrical enclosures that house electronic devises such as inverter drives, switchgear and soft start units. They are very easy to mount to standard panel cut-outs, with a fast 'click-fit' assembly. FPF units are low profile and of excellent aesthetic appearance. Most units are available for standard 115 or 230V.ac and dc electrical supplies. All 'FPF' are available in both colours RAL 7032 & RAL 7035

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Panel mounting to electrical and electronic enclosures, Control panel cooling.

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Technical Specification

Specification Description

According to filter size and quantity

Flow Rate

680m³/h range maximum (single unit)


Panel cut-out. Click-fitting fast assembly


105mm to 325mm square louvres


Removable filter media

Panel Tolerance

1.5 up 2.2mm thickness


Standard & reverse-flow models Low profile chevron louvers


Axial only


IP54 as standard. Ptions include IP55 and/or EMC/RFI shielding


Single Phase 115 or 230Volts a.c., 400V three phase ac, 24Volts ac, 24 or 48V.d.c. models.

Motor Type

External rotor and standard constructions

Panel Tolerance

1.5 to 2.2mm thick