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Filter Fans & Fan Filter Units

Filter Fans & Fan Filter Units  Buy Online

Our practical filter fans are designed with the user in mind. Our ‘FPF’ filter fans come in industry standard sizes and feature ‘Click-fit’ assembly allowing the user to mount to standard panel cut outs. We can offer a solution with our adaptors, giving you more space inside the enclosure when space is limited. As well as installation adaptors we can supply weatherproof steel covers for added protection.

Most of our units are available for standard 115 or 230V. AC, DC and EC. EMC versions are also available on request. The FPF range of fan filters come with integrated sealing gaskets for dust and water protection making them IP54 protected with IP55 variants available on request. The units contain highly durable ball bearing fans and our filter fans boast of a lifetime of up to 70000 hours.

Download our thermal management and enclosure solutions catalogue or scroll down for more details.

Filter Fans and fan filter units

The filter fans we supply come with G3 media as standard. This provides optimum filtering efficiency. G3 filter media can be washed up to 10 times and reused making the unit truly durable as a whole. The front cover clips off and on with great ease whilst maintaining its structure due to durable plastic construction.

Axair filter fans can be manipulated to achieve both standard airflow and reverse airflow. To either blow or suck the air, depending on the ventilation requirements of the enclosure.

FPF units are low profile and of excellent aesthetic appearance. In addition they come in 4 RAl colours available on request.


Our fan filter assemblies are purpose designed to provide clean cooling air to electronic and electrical enclosures that house electronic devices such as inverter drives, switchgear, communications enclosures, data centres and soft start units.

Accessories  Buy Online

In addition to enclosure adaptors and weatherproof steel covers, we also offer a variety of accessories to support your fan filter units.

FPF Filter Fans IP54 - 115V.a.c 50/60Hz Single Phase

Model (RAL7035) Max Air Flow (m3/h)Combined airflow fan filter + exhaust filter (m3/h) Rated Power (W) Rated temperature range (°C) Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) (mm) Airflow directionRequest a Quote
FPF08KU115B-11023/3017/2209/07-10 ~ +50105x105x67 Cut-out 92x92Standard
FPF08KU115BR-11023/3017/2209/07-10 ~ +50105x105x67 Cut-out 92x92Reverse
FPF12KU115BE-11057/6145/4720/18-10 ~ +50150x150x71 Cut out 125x125Standard
FPF12KU115BER-11057/6145/4720/18-10 ~ +50150x150x71 Cut out 125x125Reverse
FPF13KPU115BE-110110/12085/9520/18-10 ~ +50204x204x98 Cut-out 177x177Standard
FPF13KPU115BER-110110/12085/9520/18-10 ~ +50204x204x98 Cut-out 177x177Reverse
FPF13KU115BE-110120/13593/10417/15-10 ~ +50204x204x98 Cut-out 177x177Standard
FPF13KU115BER-110120/13593/10417/15-10 ~ +50204x204x98 Cut-out 177x177Reverse
FPF15KPU115BE(R)-110115/12597.5/10820/18-10 ~ +50250x250x113 Cut-out 223x223Standard
FPF15KPU115BE-110115/12597.5/10820/18-10 ~ +50250x250x113 Cut-out 223x223Reverse
FPF15KMU115BE-110130/15099/11817/15-10 ~ +50250x250x113 Cut-out 223x223Standard
FPF15KMU115BER-110130/15099/11817/15-10 ~ +50250x250x113 Cut-out 223x223Reverse
FPF15KU115BE-110240/270170/19430/30-10 ~ +50250x250x121 Cut-out 223x223Standard
FPF15KU115BER-110240/270170/19430/30-10 ~ +50250x250x121 Cut-out 223x223Reverse
FPF15KGU115BE-120360/400234/26050/64-10 ~ +55250x250x125 Cut-out 223x223Standard
FPF15KGU115BER-120360/400234/26050/64-10 ~ +55250x250x125 Cut-out 223x223Reverse
FPF20KU115BE-120520/580403/44850/64-10 ~ +55325x325x161 Cut-out 291x291Standard
FPF20KU115BER-120520/580403/44850/64-10 ~ +55325x325x161 Cut-out 291x291Reverse
FPF20KGU115BE-120660/745436/484107/143-10 ~ +55325x325x124 Cut-out 291x291Standard
FPF20KGU115BER-120660/745436/484107/143-10 ~ +55325x325x124 Cut-out 291x291Reverse

FPF Filter Fans IP54 - 230V.a.c 50/60Hz Single Phase

Model (RAL7035)Max Air Flow (m3/h)Combined airflow fan filter + exhaust filter (m3/h)Rated Power (W)Rated temperature range (°C)Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) (mm)Airflow directionRequest a Quote
FPF08KU230B-11023/3017/2210/8-10 ~ +50105x105x67 Cut-out 92x92Standard
FPF08KU230BR-11023/3017/2210/8-10 ~ +50105x105x67 Cut-out 92x92Reverse
FPF12KU230BE-11057/6145/4720/19-10 ~ +50150x150x71 Cut out 125x125Standard
FPF12KU230BER-11057/6145/4720/19-10 ~ +50150x150x71 Cut out 125x125Reverse
FPF13KPU230BE-110110/12085/9520/19-10 ~ +50204x204x98 Cut-out 177x177Standard
FPF13KPU230BER-110110/12085/9520/19-10 ~ +50204x204x98 Cut-out 177x177Reverse
FPF13KU230BE-110120/13593/10417/15-10 ~ +50204x204x98 Cut-out 177x177Standard
FPF13KU230BER-110120/13593/10417/15-10 ~ +50204x204x98 Cut-out 177x177Reverse
FPF15KPU230BE-110115/12597.5/10820/19-10 ~ +50250x250x113 Cut-out 223x223Standard
FPF15KPU230BER-110115/12597.5/10820/19-10 ~ +50250x250x113 Cut-out 223x223Reverse
FPF15KMU230BE-110130/15099/11817/15-10 ~ +50250x250x113 Cut-out 223x223Standard
FPF15KMU230BER-110130/15099/11817/15-10 ~ +50250x250x113 Cut-out 223x223Reverse
FPF15KU230BE-110240/270170/19429/29-10 ~ +50250x250x121 Cut-out 223x223Standard
FPF15KU230BER-110240/270170/19429/29-10 ~ +50250x250x121 Cut-out 223x223Reverse
FPF15KGU230BE-120360/400234/26067/90-10 ~ +50250x250x125 Cut-out 223x223Standard
FPF15KGU230BER-120360/400234/26067/90-10 ~ +50250x250x125 Cut-out 223x223Reverse
FPF20KU230BE-120520/580403/44867/90-10 ~ +50325x325x161 Cut-out 291x291Standard
FPF20KU230BER-120520/580403/44867/90-10 ~ +50325x325x161 Cut-out 291x291Reverse
FPF20KGU230BE-120660/745436/484114/158-10 ~ +55325x325x124 Cut-out 291x291Standard
FPF20KGU230BER-120 660/745436/484114/158-10 ~ +55325x325x124 Cut-out 291x291Reverse

FPF Filter Fans IP54 - 24V.d.c

Model (RAL7035)Max Air Flow (m3/h)Combined airflow fan filter + exhaust filter (m3/h)Rated Power (W)Rated temperature range (°C)Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) (mm)Airflow directionRequest a Quote
FPF08KUD24B-11028203.6-10 ~ +50105x105x54 Cut-out 92x92Standard
FPF08KUD24BR-11028203.6-10 ~ +50105x105x54 Cut-out 92x92Reverse
FPF12KUD24B-11060469.6-10 ~ +50150x150x71 Cut out 125x125Standard
FPF12KUD24BR-11060469.6-10 ~ +50150x150x71 Cut out 125x125Reverse
FPF13KPUD24B-110120929.6-10 ~ +50204x204x98 Cut-out 177x177Standard
FPF13KPUD24BR-110120929.6-10 ~ +50204x204x98 Cut-out 177x177Reverse
FPF15KPUD24B-110120999.6-10 ~ +50250x250x113 Cut-out 223x223Standard
FPF15KPUD24BR-110120999.6-10 ~ +50250x250x113 Cut-out 223x223Reverse
FPF15KUD24B-11025018222.8-10 ~ +50250x250x121 Cut-out 223x223Standard
FPF15KUD24BR-11025018222.8-10 ~ +50250x250x121 Cut-out 223x223Reverse

Fan filter units IP54 - 48V.d.c

Model (RAL7035)Max Air Flow (m3/h)Combined airflow fan filter + exhaust filter (m3/h)Rated Power (W)Rated temperature range (°C)Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) (mm)Airflow directionRequest a Quote
FPF12KUD48B-11060467.7-10 ~ +55150x150x71 Cut out 125x125Standard
FPF15KPUD48B-110120997.7-10 ~ +55250x250x113 Cut-out 223x223Standard
FPF15KPUD48BR-110120997.7-10 ~ +55250x250x113 Cut-out 223x223Reverse
FPF15KUD48B-11025018217.8-10 ~ +55250x250x121 Cut-out 223x223Standard

Fan filter units IP54 - 400V.a.c 50/60Hz 3 Phase

Model (RAL7035)Max Air Flow (m3/h)Combined airflow fan filter + exhaust filter (m3/h)Rated Power (W)Rated temperature range (°C)Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) (mm)Airflow directionRequest a Quote
FPF15KGU400TBE-120360/400234/26071/93-10 ~ +55250x250x125 Cut-out 223x223Standard
FPF15KGU400TBER-120360/400234/26071/93-10 ~ +55250x250x125 Cut-out 223x223Reverse
FPF20KU400TBE-120520/580403/44871/93-10 ~ +55325x325x161 Cut-out 291x291Standard
FPF20KU400TBER-120250/580403/44871/93-10 ~ +55325x325x161 Cut-out 291x291Reverse
FPF20KGU400TBE-120660/745436/484105/105-10 ~ +55325x325x161 Cut-out 291x291Standard
FPF20KGU400TBER-120660/745436/484105/105-10 ~ +55325x325x161 Cut-out 291x291Reverse

Fan filter units IP54 - 24V.a.c 50/60Hz

Model (RAL7035)Max Air Flow (m3/h)Combined airflow fan filter + exhaust filter (m3/h)Rated Power (W)Rated temperature range (°C)Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) (mm)Airflow directionRequest a Quote
FPF12KU24BE-11057/6145/4715/16-10 ~ +50150x150x71 Cut out 125x125Standard
FPF12KU24BER-11057/6145/4715/16-10 ~ +50150x150x71 Cut out 125x125Reverse

Exhaust filters IP54

Model (RAL7035)Rated temperature range (°C)Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) (mm)Request a Quote
FPF08KUG-100-10 ~ +50105x105x21 Cut-out 92x92
FPF12KUG-100-10 ~ +60150x150x28 Cut-out 125x125
FPF13KUG-100-10 ~ +60204x204x28 Cut-out 177x177
FPF15KUG-100-10 ~ +60250x250x31 Cut-out 223x223
FPF20KUG-100-10 ~ +60325x325x33 Cut-out 291x291

Axair Fans Thermal Management Enclosure Solutions

For more information download the thermal management catalogue featuring our full range of products including AC & EC variants along with, handing features and accessories.


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