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Bi-metallic thermostats are used to control the temperature within electronic enclosures. Thermostats with normally-closed contacts are used with anti-condensation heaters to maintain a pre-set minimum temperature that will prevent condensation. The model with normally-open contacts is used to switch-on the cabinet fan at a pre-set maximum temperature, replacing the warm air with cooler ambient air. The normally-open type can also activate an alarm to indicate high internal temperature. Thermostat features include:-

  • Narrow on/off switching range
  • CWide temperatuyre range -10° to +80°C
  • Innovative fixing system to accommodate 4 sizes of DIN rail

Hygrostats sense percentage relative humidity and can be used to operate a heater, or the fan, until humidity is raised above the dew point. Hygrostats features include:-

  • 35mm DIN rail mounting
  • Wide humidity rangr from 35% to 100%

The range of anti-condensation heaters is designed with built-in temperature limiting PTC devices that prevent over-heating. The heaters therefore lift the cabinet temperature above the condensation level but do not add to the electronic heat losses. Heater features include:-

  • Models ranging from 45W to 150W output
  • Compact dimensions

The lights incorporate electronic ballast devices (not magnetic ballasts) Light features include:-

  • Immediate start-up (flicker-free)
  • Low temperature
  • Low power consumption
  • Long lifetime
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