Roof Fan

Roof Fans

There are 2 types of roof fans: type DH/DHE with horizontal discharge (as can be seen in the picture to the left) and type DV/DVE with vertical discharge. Both of which are suitable on shed roofs, saddle roofs, flat roofs and pent roofs. The DH/DHE models are bet for less polluted air as opposed to the DV/DVE which is best for heavily contaminated air.

The DV/DHE model is available in both AC and EC variations, there is also an IEC motor version with the code DVWN. The housing of a DV model (vertical discharge) is made of seawater-resistant aluminium.

The DH/DHE (horizontal discharge) is available in AC and units up to size 500 have a protection cover for rain made out of seawater-resistant aluminium. Anything larger (from 560) has a rain protector made of galvanised sheet steel.


Commercial Roof Fans

Both are fitted with backward curved impellers made of plastic. AC products are ERP 2016 compliant, the EC models are ERP 2018 compliant.

The inlet nozzle in the base frame protects the duct against water ingress. The mounting screws ensure easy of the accessory on to the fan.  The motor carrier cage is a plastic coated round wheel and has been created with bird and contact protection. Their speed is 100% infinitely variable by using an auto transformer.

IEC Motor Variations (DVWN) can be operated up to 120 °C as the motor is outside of the airstream. The fans are driven by IEC three phase motors and up to size 450 are suitable for voltage control. From size 500 the fans are controllable with a frequency converter.

AC, EC and IEC motor models are all available in sound attenuating versions. ATEX versions are available on request.


Applications include but are not limited to warehouse ventilation, supermarkets ventilation, factory ventilation, swimming pools ventilation, gymnasium ventilation, garage ventilation, agricultural ventilation, stable ventilation, farm ventilation, commercial building ventilation, industrial building ventilation, residential building ventilation, toilet and bathroom ventilation and much more.

AC Roof Fans

Fan TypeArticle NumberVoltage (V)Frequency (Hz)Motor Power Input (kW)Rated Current (A)Fan Speed (min-1)Capacitor (F)Max Air Temperature (°C)Noise (dB(A))Started Current to rated Current Ratio (Iᵃ/Iᶰ)IP Rating (IP)Weight (kg)Request a Quote
DV 190-2 E.3BEA00-190001~230500.070.30242026065/681.4IP444.5
DH 190-2 E.3BEA10-190001~230500.070.30242026067/701.4IP444.0
DV 225-2 E.3CAA00-225001~230500.110.51258035069/721.7IP445.0
DH 225-2 E.3CAA10-225001~230500.110.51258035071/741.7IP444.5
DV 280-2 E.3EFA00-280041~230500.220.95261567074/772.4IP4413.0
DH 280-2 E.3EFA10-280041~230500.210.91264067076/792.4IP4410.5
DV 280-4 E.3DFA00-280061~230500.110.4712902.55058/611.7IP4414.6
DH 280-4 E.3DFA10-280061~230500.110.4712902.55060/631.7IP4411.9
DV 310L-4 E.3EFA00-310241~230500.120.5412303.57060/631.6IP4410.0
DH 310L-4 E.3EFA10-310241~230500.120.5412303.57062/651.6IP4410.0
DV355-4 E.5FAA00-355011~230500.2851.40137067068/712.5IP5426.2
DH355-4 E.5FAA10-355011~230500.2851.40137067070/732.5IP5422.7
DV 400-4 E.5FAA00-400011~230500.492.301360124571/742.4IP5426.5
DH 400-4 E.5FAA10-400011~230500.492.301360124573/762.4IP5423.0
DV 400-4 D.5FAA00-400423~400500.451.141360-6070/733.4IP5426.5
DH 400-4 D.5FAA10-400423~400500.451.141360-6072/753.4IP5423.0
DVE 450-4 E.6FAA42-450001~230500.894.301400204571/753.9IP5439.7
DHE 450-4 E.6FAA43-450001~230500.894.301400204575/773.9IP5434.8
DVE 450-4 D.5HAA42-450013~400500.781.561340-5570/743.3IP5435.1
DHE 450-4 D.5HAA43-450013~400500.781.561340-5572/763.3IP5430.4
DVE 450-6 D.5HAA42-450023~400500.260.60910-6061/653.3IP5435.2
DHE 450-6 D.5HAA43-450023~400500.260.60910-6063/673.3IP5430.4
DVE 500-4 E.6HFA42-500001~230501.426.401395304073/773.4IP5443.0
DHE 500-4 E.6HFA43-500001~230501.426.401395304075/793.4IP5441.0
DVE 500-4 D.6HFA42-500013~400501.322.801400-7073/775.3IP5442.0
DHE 500-4 D.6HFA43-500013~400501.322.801400-7075/795.3IP5440.0
DVE 500-6 D.6DFA42-500023~400500.411.05905-6564/681.1IP5440.5
DHE 500-6 D.6DFA43-500023~400500.411.05905-6566/701.1IP5439.0
DVE 560-4 D.6LAA42-560003~400502.174.201345-5077/824.0IP5469.5
DHE 560-4 D.6LAA43-560003~400502.174.201345-5079/844.0IP5457.0
DVE 560-6 D.6FAA42-560013~400500.681.55885-5068/733.3IP5466.3
DHE 560-6 D.6FAA43-560013~400500.681.55885-5070/753.3IP5459.0
DVE 630-4 D.7KFA42-630003~400503.616.401380-4081/865.1IP5482.5
DHE 630-4 D.7KFA43-630003~400503.616.401380-4083/885.1IP5481.5
DVE 630-6 D.6LAA42-630013~400501.183.15920-6573/774.4IP5474.5
DHE 630-6 D.6LAA43-630013~400501.183.15920-6575/794.4IP5474.0
DVE 710-6 D.7KFA42-710003~400502.504.80890-4579/823.6IP54108.0
DVE 800-6 KD.7NAA42-800003~400502.805.50910-5080/844.3IP54164.0

Roof Fans With IEC Motor (AC)

Fan TypeArticle NumberVoltage (V)Frequency (Hz)Motor Power Input (kW)Rated Current (A)Fan Speed (min-1)Capacitor (F)Max Air Temperature (°C)Noise (dB(A))Started Current to rated Current Ratio (Iᵃ/Iᶰ)IP Rating (IP)Weight (kg)Request a Quote
DVWN 310L-4E-120CA23-310161~230500.180.851400412068/713.0IP5419.0
DVWN 310L-4D-120CA23-310033~400500.190.51390-12069/723.8IP5419.0
DVWN 355-4E-120CA23-355151~230500.362.11405612072/753.1IP5529.5
DVWN 355-4D-120CA23-355003~400500.351.11435-12071/745.3IP5529.5
DVWN 400-4E-120CA23-400151~230500.643.214101612074/774.0IP5532.0
DVWN 400-4D-120CA23-400003~400500.541.251390-12073/764.7IP5530.0
DVWN 450-4E-120CA23-450151~230500.954.313301612077/802.9IP5546.0
DVWN 450-4D-120CA23-450003~400500.871.61335-12076/794.3IP5541.0
DVWN 500-4D-120CA23-500023~400501.724.41430-12080/832.5IP5554.0
DVWN 500-4D-120C n.stb.A23-500093~400501.723.31445-12080/835.5IP5552.0
DVWN 560-4D-120CA23-560033~400503.06.01440-12084/875.3IP5575.0
DVWN 630-4D-120CA23-630033~400504.410.01475-12086/895.9IP55102.0
DVWN 710-6D-120CA23-710113~400503.410.0980-12085/885.9IP55149.0
DVWN 800-6D-100CA23-800013~400505.412.2965-10087/906.0IP55180.0
DVN 900-6DA00-900553~400507.516.5960-10092/95-IP54301.0
DVN 900-8DA00-900803~400503.07.9700-12085/88-IP54270.0

EC Roof Fans

The EC models are available in 2 types. Closed loop control with pressure sensor PUA10 including pre-mounted PotKK or Open Loop.

¹ Closed Loop
² Open Loop

Fan TypeArticle NumberVoltage (V)Frequency (Hz)Motor Power Input (kW)Rated Current (A)Fan Speed (min-1)Max Air Temperature (°C)Noise (dB(A))IP Rating (IP)Weight (kg)Request a Quote
DV 310L-G.4EA¹ or DV 310L-G.4EA²A05-31020 or A05-3103023050/600.191.116506068/73IP5415
DV 355-G.4FF¹ or DV 355-G.4FF²A05-35521 or A05-3553123050/600.382.215505068/71IP5427
DV 355-G.5FA¹ or DV 355-G.5FA²A05-35520 oe A05-3553023050/600.440.916506072/75IP5430
DV 400-G.4FF¹ or DV 400-G.4FF²A05-40021 or A05-4002223050/600.382.213305065/69IP5427.5
DV 400-G.5FA¹ or DV 400-G.5FA²A05-40020 or A05-4003040050/600.711.417005575/79IP5431
DV 450-G.5FA¹ or DV 450-G.5FA²A05-45020 or A05-4503040050/600.951.815005574/78IP5437
DVW 500-G.6IF¹ or DVW 500-G.6IF²A05-50001 or A05-5001140050/602.84.317505080/83IP5454
DVW 560-G.6IF¹ or DVW 560-G.6IF²A05-56001 or A05-5601140050/602.74.114006079/82IP5476
DVW 630-G.6IF¹ or DVW 630-G.6IF²A05-63000 or A05-6301040050/601.82.910005079/82IP5479