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Backward curved centrifugal fans - Square duct fans - UNOBOX


UNOBOX is a simple concept of a cube-shaped fan box. UNOBOX are fitted with high efficiency backward curved centrifugal fans powered by external rotor motors. UNOBOX can be mounted in any position. 

UNOBOX casings are made of an aluminium frame and insulated, galvanized steel side panels.

The side panels are removable so the discharge is possible in any direction. Ideal for installation in ducted systems & ductwork.

Unobox are available in 4 different sizes, 500mm3 to 1020mm3.

Also available :

  • Versions with Electronically Commutated (EC) motors.
  • Versions for high temperatures (+110°C)


Kitchen ventilation, Apartment ventilation, shops ventilation, supermarket ventilation, workshop extraction, swimming pool ventilation, warehouse ventilation, garage ventilation

Technical Specification

Specification Description
Motor Type

External rotor motor, inside airstream


Single & three phase models

Protection IP54

Backward-curved centrifugal


Cube-shaped duct fan with removable panels for discharge in any direction


Outlet flanges

Pressure Medium
Speed Control Voltage variation

Ø355 to 710 impeller

Flow Rate

18000m³/h range maximum


1100 Pascals range maximum

Handling temperature

+40°C to +55°C