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This range of inline duct fans is powered by the latest technology in high efficiency backward curved motorised impellers, with profiled blades for high airflow, low noise and low running costs with the possibility to mount a bracket.

These are amongst the quietest fan units while maintaining high airflows (230 to 1725m³/h free air). All inlet and discharge spigots diameters are standard. They also feature air guide vanes in the casing to straighten the air to reduce noise turbulences.

The rotor comes painted to resist corrosion and the integrated connection box comes with IP44 ingress protection and in addition is a Class F insulated motor. The motor protection is integrated and is signaled via a digital output or a tachometer output. Our ‘RS’ range are powered by external rotor motor based fans which are 100% speed controllable.

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The ‘RS’ range of plug fans fans are fitted with an attractive and resilient plastic casing that is shock-proof and recyclable black plastic. Impellers up to Ø250 are made of plastic, the RS315/L being fitted with metal impellers. The Inlet and outlet side come with duct connection for standard round ducts can be mounted in any position. The fans are balanced according to quality level G 2.5, DIN/ISO 1940 on two levels. Our ‘RS’ inline duct fans are available in AC and DC. Furthermore, they come fitted with maintenance free ball bearings, closed on both sides, therefore sealed for life.
Manufactured to ISO 9001.


Inline Duct fans such as the ‘RS’ Range are traditionally used  for ducted ventilation systems for industrial, horticultural and electronic ventilation such as spray paint booths, health centres and Offices. Visit our applications page for more information.

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Inline Duct Fans Technical Data

Product CodeMax Airflow (m3/h)Power (wA)Max. Current (A)Speed (rpm)Max Air Temp (°C)Weight (Kg)CurveRequest a Quote
RS 100 L230650.32480702.41
RS 125 L335650.32415702.42
RS 150440700.2924007033
RS 160440700.2924007034
RS 160 L6601150.492440503.25
RS 2007801150.52396503.46
RS 200 L8701600.72540553.77
RS 2508501150.52540503.48
RS 250 L9801600.652560553.79
RS 31512752200.952540555.710
RS 315 L17253001.32390455.511


Our ‘RS’ inline duct fan can be combined with a number of different accessories such as:

Inline duct fan airflow characteristics

Inline Duct Fan Dimensions

RS 100 LRS 125 LRS 150RS 160 /LRS 200 /LRS 250 /LRS 315/L
Bracket Ref.MB 1MB 1MB 2MB 2MB 2MB 3MB 3

Inline Duct Fan Dimensions

Noise Levels

Sound Pressure [dB(A)]RS100LRS125LRS150RS160RS160LRS200RS200LRS250RS250LRS315RS315L
LWA2 [dB(A)] Casing5151494955525751555457
LWA5 [dB(A)] Inlet Side6263616168667065687070
LWA6 [dB(A)] Outlet Side6061575766656864677170

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For more information download the inline duct fan catalogue  featuring our full range of products including AC & EC variants along with handing features and accessories.