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Forward Curved Centrifugal Fans - Single inlet - standard motor


Forward curved impeller fans with their motors out of the airstream are suitable for a wide range of general medium pressure and ducted applications. Whilst multi-vane impellers are for clean air, its temperature can be relatively high because the motor itself is situated in ambient conditions. The motors being of standard industrial type, their protection class is normally IP54 or IP55.

With no restriction on motor size, the fan performance can be high for given impeller dimensions.

Speed control is possible by variable frequency inverter drive, but not generally by voltage variation. The usual consequence of trying to vary the voltage is non-linear control, pressure dependent speed, and motor over-heating. Some models require a minimum system pressure/maximum flow rate to prevent motor overheating.


General air extraction systems, air filtration, hot fume control, special effects equipment, inflatable equipment, boiler forced draught, environmental chambers, ultra-sonic equipment, printing and drying equipment, electronic enclosure ventilation.

Technical Specification

Specification Description
Speed Control

Frequency inverter




Scroll brackets, discharge flange, feet on larger sizes


120°C standard; 250°C special. Materials handling version


Forward-curved centrifugal


IP54/IP55 standard + specials


Single and three phase models

Motor Type

Standard, out of airstream


Ø80 to 500 impeller

Flow Rate

16500m³/h range maximum


3400 Pascals range maximum