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These forward curved double inlet centrifugal fans are also known as the “Inch Blower” due to their simple impeller design and size eg “BD-7/7”. The BD Fan is a high quality forward curved centrifugal fan featuring a galvanised steel scroll and impeller, dust and hosed water protected to IP55 standard. Anti-vibration mounts are fitted in 3 places, at the motor pad on the side plate and on the foot corners to prevent electromagnetic vibration transmitting to the unit frame. Standard BD fans are speed controllable by voltage variation, and can be supplied with 3 speed tapped winding. Discharge flanges are available upon request. The fans are fitted with rigid motor supports to withstand mechanical handling damage.


Forward Curved centrifugal fans such as the BD range are commonly used across an array of low pressure applications including air conditioning units, air curtains, heating and cooling coils, air handling units, ventilated workbenches. Visit our applications page for more information.

Product Range Variants

Inch Blowers are typically available in AC voltages, however Electronically Commutated EC product lines are available on request if applications require a more energy efficient product. Energy efficient technology has grown in popularity over recent years, primary due to the significant European Energy Related Products legislation (ERP). So EC fan motors have become the logical choice in reducing power consumption, costs and ultimately the environment. Interested in how switching to EC product ranges can equate to cost effective savings? In our case study we examine the use of both products in a simple refurbishment project to show the potential energy savings.

Our range of inch blowers are available to buy online, click on the product code below to be taken to the item’s page.

Low Pressure Centrifugal Fans Product Range AC

Product CodeSize (cm)Voltage (V)Speed (rpm)Motor Range (kW)Max Current (A) (230V)Max Current (A) (400V)Starting Current (A) (230V)Starting Current (A) (400V)Max Flow Rate (m3/h)Sound Level (dB(A))Weight (kg)Request a Quote
BD-10/8-M4-0,59 kW28/21230V13400,594,50-13,50-34406520
BD-12/12-M6-0,76 kW33/33230V9500,766,70-20,10-62756727

Low Pressure Centrifugal Fans Product Range EC

Product CodeSize (cm)Voltage (V)Speed (rpm)Motor Rating (kW)Max Current (A) (230V)Starting Current (A)(230V)Max flow Rate (m3hr)Sound Level (dB(A))Request a Quote
BD 7/7 M4 EEC8019/1923014000.312.932.93205160
BD 7/7 M6 EEC8019/192309000.090.910.91130552
BD 9/7 M4 EEC8025/2023014000.650.540.54299660
BD 9/7 M6 EEC8025/202309000.242.322.32218057
BD 9/9 M4 EEC8025/2523014000.655.55.5337564
BD 9/9 M6 EEC8025/252309000.272.62.6254060
BD 10/8 M4 EEC8028/2123014000.655.55.5345665
BD 10/8 M6 EEC8028/212309000.54.34.3318064
BD 10/10 M4 EEC8028/2823014000.655.55.5386266
BD 10/10 M6 EEC8028/282309000.54.44.4352564
BD 12/9 M6 EEC13033/252309001.047.587.58602067
BD 12/12 M6 EEC13033/332309001.178.488.48723567

Inch Blower Dimensions

Inch Blower Dimensions

Flange 7/7293131.5272121208.5230.530.410
Flange 9/7296133321145.5260.5235.530.410
Flange 9/9360165321145.5258.5299.530.410
Flange 10/8324147351160.529026330.410
Flange 10/10389179.5351160.529032830.410
Flange 12/9370170401185.534131030.410
Flange 12/12455212.540018533939430.410


For more information download the low pressure centrifugal fans & inch blowers catalogue  featuring our full range of products including AC & EC variants along with performance curves, handing features and accessories.