Refrigeration Axial Fan

Refrigeration Axial Fan Pack

We are proud of our exclusive supplier relationship with Wellington. Their innovative range of refrigeration axial fan packs known as ECF’s, part of the ECR range, have been developed with state of the art technology.

Wellington have partnered with a fluid dynamics specialists to engineer unique axial fan pack technology. Using biometric techniques to create an airflow which follows vertical shapes as seen in nature. The ECF fan packs 3D sculpted blades glide gracefully without noise creating eddies.

The Fan packs are made from impact-strengthened polymers that are suitable for both condensers and evaporators, including low temperature evaporators and are IP55.

ECF refrigeration fan packs deliver improved efficiency over normal fans and baskets. They are also quieter thanks to fewer blades for reduced edge noise and vibration-absorbing living hinges on the motor mount. Additionally, some versions come in ATEX (explosion proof).


refrigeration axial fan pack

The ECF’s are available in low and high power version with ECR01 motors, or in a fixed speed, low cost version with ECR82/92 Motors.

If the motor fails to start the stall detection switched the motor to standby mode which then goes into an automatic restart after 1 minute. This software protects the motor with a timed restart algorithm to limit its maximum winding temperature.

Our ECR82/92 motor, one of the 2 that are available for the Fan pack, are main synchronous which means they can only run at a fixed speed dependent on the AC mains frequency. This version is suitable for use with the majority of axial fans from 150-220mm. the ECR92 (115V) or the ECR82 (230V) are the optimum choice of motor for your application if you want a reliable, low cost EC motor.

The second motor compatible with the fan packs, The ECR01, is your choice of motor if you need power up to 2300rpm.  The ECR01 is a great solution for plug-in fans and remote applications. It can be used with axial fans up to 172-254mm. This model provides a good level of performance flexibility.


The Wellington Refrigeration Fan Packs are for use in various types of commercial refrigeration such as freezers, multideck fridges, glass door fridges….

For more products specifically suited to the refrigeration industry, please visit Axair Refrigeration.

MotorVoltage VacAir Flow m3/hr [cfm]Speed RPMInput Power W Current ASound Level dB(A)Ingress Protection IPApprovalRequest a Quote
ECF8ABxxx4 230500 [295]1400 9.50.0742 IP55CE, VDE, ATEX
ECF8ABxxx5230860 [506] 2300300.25 56IP55CE, VDE, ATEX
ECF8AAxxx4115500 [295]1400 9.50.1342 IP55CE, VDE, ATEX
ECF8AAxxx5 115860 [506] 2300300.5 56IP55CE, VDE, ATEX
Product CodeVoltage (V/Hz)Current (A)Speed (rpm)Output Power (W)Ingress Protection (IP)ApprovalRequest a Quote
ECR82PX**1230 / 50 0.16150012 IP55CE, VDE, ATEX, CCC
ECR82P***1230 / 50 0.16150012 IP55 CE, VDE, CCC
ECR82P***2230 / 600.19 180016 IP55CE, VDE, UL, cUL
ECR92P***2230 / 60 0.34 180016 IP55UL, cUL
ECR01BX**6230 / 50-600.121300-11004-7 IP55 CE, VDE, ATEX
ECR01BX**4230 / 50-600.141250 9 IP55 CE, VDE, ATEX
ECR01BX**1230 / 50-600.21130012 IP55 CE, VDE, ATEX
ECR01BX**2230 / 50-600.25130016 IP55 CE, VDE, ATEX
ECR01BX**3230 / 50-600.28150020 IP55 CE, VDE, ATEX
ECR01BX**5230 / 50-600.30 230025 IP55 CE, VDE, ATEX
ECR01AX**4115 / 600.2012507 IP55CE. ATEX
ECR01AX**1115 / 600.2315009 IP55CE. ATEX
ECR01AX**2115 / 600.31155012 IP55CE. ATEX
ECR01AX**3115 / 600.41155016 IP55CE. ATEX
ECR01AX**5115 / 600.53220023 IP55CE. ATEX
ECR2-010170-264V, 50-60Hz0.10A (@230V). 0.20A (@115V)300-18000-13IP67CE, VDE, ATEX, CCC, UL, RoHS
ECR2-011170-264V, 50-60Hz0.10A (@230V). 0.20A (@115V)300-18000-13IP67CE, VDE, ATEX, CCC, UL, RoHS
ECR2-012170-264V, 50-60Hz0.10A (@230V). 0.20A (@115V)300-18000-13IP67CE, VDE, ATEX, CCC, UL, RoHS
ECR2-013170-264V, 50-60Hz0.10A (@230V). 0.20A (@115V)300-18000-13IP67CE, VDE, ATEX, CCC, UL, RoHS
ECR2-014170-264V, 50-60Hz0.10A (@230V). 0.20A (@115V)300-18000-13IP67CE, VDE, ATEX, CCC, UL, RoHS
ECR2-015170-264V, 50-60Hz0.10A (@230V). 0.20A (@115V)300-18000-13IP67CE, VDE, ATEX, CCC, UL, RoHS