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Plate Axial Fans

Plate Axial FansPlate Axial Fans – External Rotor Motor


The Axair range of plate axial fans are available with AC or high efficiency EC motors.
• suitable for vertical or horizontal mounting
• many Erp compliant models
• operating temperature up to 70 degrees Celsius
• motor rating to IP54
• ATEX variants available on request
• Marine suitable coatings available on request

Our plate axial fans have fixed blade impellers designed to handles large volumes of air against low resistance to flow and are designed for maximum efficiency and low noise operation. Powered by external rotor motor, the Axair range of axial fans are speed controllable by frequency or voltage. The impeller are fitted directly onto the motor for maximum efficiency and low profile compact assembly.

Plate Axial Fan Applications

These versatile units are suitable for warehouse and building ventilation, heat exchangers, refrigeration, electronic enclosures and general heating and cooling ventilation in addition to many other uses.

Additional information

To obtain a quote for any of our axial fans, find the relevant product code below and submit a request a quote contact form. one of our engineers should get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements or with a direct priced quote excluding VAT.

Fan Types

EQ range – single phase square wall mounted plate axial fans
DQ range – three phase square wall mounted plate axial fans

ER & EQ ranges also available as cased axial fans


EQ & DQ Plate Axial Fans - General Ventilation Applications

Model CodeArticle NumberTypePhase (Ph)Impeller Diameter (mm)Rated Voltage (V)Motor Power Consumption (kW)Rated Current (A)Fan SpeedCapacitorMax Temp (C)Request a Quote
EQ 200-2E00-20001Plate Axial Fan12002300.070.302550min-12uF70
EQ 200-4E00-20000Plate Axial Fan12002300.0330.1501410min-11.5uF70
EQ 250-2E00-25001Plate Axial Fan12502300.140.602600min-14uF60
EQ 250-4E00-25000Plate Axial Fan12502300.060.271270min-11.5uF70
EQ 300-2E00-30001Plate Axial Fan13002300.220.952500min-16uF60
EQ 300-4E00-30000Plate Axial Fan13002300.100.4412703uF55
EQ 315-2E00-31510Plate Axial Fan13152300.693.02610min-114uF50
DQ 315-2E00-31560Plate Axial Fan33154000.570.952460min-1-60
EQ 315-4E00-31505Plate Axial Fan13152300.120.551380min-13uF60
DQ 315-4E00-31555Plate Axial Fan33154000.120.331385min-1-60
EQ 350-2E00-35010Plate Axial Fan13502300.984.32670min-120uF40
DQ 350-2E00-35060Plate Axial Fan33504000.861.622680min-1-55
EQ 350-4E00-35009Plate Axial Fan13502300.150.651300min-13uF65
DQ 350-4E00-35055Plate Axial Fan33504000.150.351330min-1-65
EQ 400-4E00-40005Plate Axial Fan14002300.210.951340min-15uF60
DQ 400-4E00-40055Plate Axial Fan34004000.20.421340-65
EQ 400-6E00-40004Plate Axial Fan14002300.100.46885min-12uF55
EQ 450-4E00-45005Plate Axial Fan14502300.331.513608uF55
DQ 450-4E00-45055Plate Axial Fan34504000.330.751390min-1-60
EQ 450-6E00-45057Plate Axial Fan14502300.140.78930min-14uF70
DQ 450-6E00-45057Plate Axial Fan34504000.130.25900min-1-60
EQ 500-4E00-50005Plate Axial Fan15002300.492.31375min-112uF50
DQ 500-4E00-50055Plate Axial Fan35004000.411.01370-60
EQ 500-6E00-50007Plate Axial Fan15002300.20.88935min-15uF60
DQ 560-4E00-56053Plate Axial Fan35604000.811.71240min-1-50
EQ 560-4E00-56008Plate Axial Fan15602300.833.801200min-116uF40
EQ 560-6E00-56001Plate Axial Fan15602300.381.8920min-110uF40
DQ 560-6E00-56052Plate Axial Fan35604000.350.90920min-1-55
DQ 630-4E00-63080Plate Axial Fan36304002.153.91305min-1-50
EQ 630-6E00-63001Plate Axial Fan16302300.532.69110min-112uF40
DQ 630-6E00-63052Plate Axial Fan36304000.51.15920min-1-55
DQ 710-6E00-71080Plate Axial Fan37104000.871.8835min-1-70
DQ 710-8E00-71090Plate Axial Fan37104000.491.1620min-1-70
DQ 800-6E00-80080Plate Axial Fan38004001.32.6845min-1-70
DQ 800-8E00-80090Plate Axial Fan38004000.751.85665min-1-70
DQ 1000-8E00-10050Plate Axial Fan310004002.154.40675min-1-45
DQ 1000-12E00-10000Plate Axial Fan310004000.712.1445min-1-80