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Frame Axial Fans AC or DC


Small general purpose fans in industry standard frame sizes. Axair has been stocking  the COSTECH range for over 15 years and have an excellent track record for being a quality product yet cost effective cooling solution.

Axair also offers the ETRI range of frame fans, which include standard as well as special references. 

Available in standard AC or DC supplies, with all International recognised standards (UL, CUL, VDE, TUV, etc..)


General purpose cooling, electronic cooling, lamp cooling, solarium equipment, small heat exchangers, refrigeration units, coolers, special effect, etc…

Technical Specification

Specification Description
Speed Control

Not AC models. DC to order and in economical quantities


Mounting holes in the fan frame


Axial only


Single phase ac and dc (brushless)

Flow rate (AC)

1705 m3/h maximum

Pressure (DC)

171 Pascals maximum

Size (DC)

5mm to 120mm square. To Ø150 impeller in round frame

Pressure Low

Low cost, often high delivered quantities Standard dimensions. Wide range of accessories

Protection IP20 + IP55 specials
Motor Type

Standard, in the airstream

Flow rate (DC)

400m3/h maximum

Size (AC)

60mm to 255mm square. To Ø172 impeller in round frame

Pressure (AC)

210 Pascals maximum