Cased Axial Fans

Cased Axial FansCased Axial Fans – External Rotor Motor

A comprehensive range of high efficiency and high performance cased axial fans. Versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. Short case axial fans are general purpose fans designed to move large volumes of air in low pressure systems, this often means systems with a short duct run.
Features and Construction

High efficiency cased axial fans are used wherever large air volumes must be conveyed against low to medium pressure and benefit from low installation depths. Alongside plated axial fans, cased axial fans are versatile as they can be mounted in any position and suitable for many applications including ventilating restaurants, gymnasiums, conference rooms, workshops, ware-houses, swimming pools and greenhouses. High efficiency axial fans with double flange ring are used in duct systems for air conditioning, cooling and drying applications.


The casings of our high efficiency cased axial fans are made from galvanised sheet steel and are plastic coated.


Our EQ and DQ range of axial fans have aerodynamically profiled blades (sizes 200 to 300 made from galvanised and lacquered sheet steel; from size 315 to 630-6 made of plastic and sizes 630-4 up to 1000 made of aluminium). The blades are made of galvanised sheet metal, and are mounted directly to the rotor of the external rotor motor and are balanced dynamically together with the rotor according to quality level G2.5 to DIN1940.

Electrical Connection

The motors are fitted with an outgoing cable. The electrical connection can be made via an IP44 terminal box, which is supplied loose.

Fan Types

ER range – single phase double flanged axial fans
DR range – three phase double flanged axial fans

EQ & DQ – Plate Axial Versions

To request a quotation for any of our cased axial fans, simply find the product reference below and submit a request a quote direct to our engineers who will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.

Model / Product CodeTypeProduct Article NumberPhase (Ph)Impeller Diameter (mm)Rated Voltage (V)Motor Power Consumption (kW)Rated Current (A)Fan SpeedCapacitorMax Temp (C)Request a Quote
ER 200-2Cased Axial FanE10-20001 or E00-2000112002300.070.302550min-12uF70
ER 200-4Cased Axial FanE00-20000 or E00-2000012002300.0330.1501410min-11.5uF70
ER 250-2Cased Axial FanE10-25001 or E00-2500112502300.140.602600min-14uF60
ER 250-4Cased Axial FanE10-25000 or E00-2500012502300.060.271270min-11.5uF70
ER 300-2Cased Axial FanE10-30001 or E00-3000113002300.220.952500min-16uF60
ER 300-4Cased Axial FanE10-30000 or E00-3000013002300.100.4412703uF55
ER 315-2Cased Axial FanE10-31510 or E00-3151013152300.693.02610min-114uF50
DR 315-2Cased Axial FanE10-31560 or E00-3156033154000.570.952460min-1-60
ER 315-4Cased Axial FanE10-31505 or E00-3150513152300.120.551380min-13uF60
DR 315-4Cased Axial FanE10-31555 or E00-3155533154000.120.331385min-1-60
ER 350-2Cased Axial FanE10-35010 or E00-3501013502300.984.32670min-120uF40
DR 350-2Cased Axial FanE10-35060 or E00-3506033504000.861.622680min-1-55
ER 350-4Cased Axial FanE10-35005 or E00-3500913502300.150.651300min-13uF65
DR 350-4Cased Axial FanE10-35055 or E00-3505533504000.150.351330min-1-65
ER 400-4Cased Axial FanE10-4005 or E00-4000514002300.210.951340min-15uF60
DR 400-4Cased Axial FanE10-40055 or E00-4005534004000.20.421340-65
ER 400-6Cased Axial FanE10-40004 or E00-4000414002300.100.46885min-12uF55
ER 450-4Cased Axial FanE10-45005 or E00-4500514502300.331.513608uF55
DR 450-4Cased Axial FanE10-45055 or E00-4505534504000.330.751390min-1-60
ER 450-6Cased Axial FanE10-45007 or E00-4505714502300.140.78930min-14uF70
DR 450-6Cased Axial FanE10-45057 or E00-4505734504000.130.25900min-1-60
ER 500-4Cased Axial FanE10-50005 or E00-5000515002300.492.31375min-112uF50
DR 500-4Cased Axial FanE10-50055 or E00-5005535004000.411.01370-60
ER 500-6Cased Axial FanE10-50007 or E00-5000715002300.20.88935min-15uF60
DR 560-4Cased Axial FanE10-56053 or E00-5605335604000.811.71240min-1-50
ER 560-4Cased Axial FanE10-56008 or E00-5600815602300.833.801200min-116uF40
ER 560-6Cased Axial FanE10-56001 or E00-5600115602300.381.8920min-110uF40
DR 560-6Cased Axial FanE10-56052 or E00-5605235604000.350.90920min-1-55
DR 630-4Cased Axial FanE10-63080 or E00-6308036304002.153.91305min-1-50
ER 630-6Cased Axial FanE10-63001 or E00-6300116302300.532.69110min-112uF40
DR 630-6Cased Axial FanE10-63052 or E00-6305236304000.51.15920min-1-55
DR 710-6Cased Axial FanE10-71080 or E00-7108037104000.871.8835min-1-70
DR 710-8Cased Axial FanE10-71090 or E00-7109037104000.491.1620min-1-70
DR 800-6Cased Axial FanE10-80080 or E00-8008038004001.32.6845min-1-70
DR 800-8Cased Axial FanE10-80090 or E00-8009038004000.751.85665min-1-70
DR 1000-8Cased Axial FanE10-10050 or E00-10050310004002.154.40675min-1-45
DR 1000-12Cased Axial FanE10-10000 or E00-10000310004000.712.1445min-1-80

Typical applications are general ventilation and extraction, fume extraction, ventilation for cooling; within factories, workshops, warehouses, and other commercial premises. For more information on our supplier partner Rosenberg, visit our supplier page. Here you can utilise fan selection software. Contact us for more information or advice on using RoVent.