Fans for Paint & Spray Booth Ventilation

Industrial Fan Impellers & Fans for Spray Booth Ventilation

Choosing a fan that can deliver a precise airflow and a consistent pressure in and out of the spray booth is critical when removing fumes and overspray, and ensures an adequate change in make up air in paint booths. Axair continues to work with major spray booth manufacturers in the UK market, providing low noise, low weight, fan and impeller solutions, whether automotive refinishing, aerospace finishing, outdoor paint booths or industrial applications. 

Understanding Airflow in Spray Booths

Airflow in paint booths must be even and compatible with the desired conditions therefore selecting the correct impeller or industrial fan will ensure that the component can work within the spray booth to provide the optimal air condition to positively affect productivity. Spray booths are engineered to move air at the appropriate rate while maintaining a clean painting environment. Airflow styles within spray booths vary according to the desired outcome of the spray but typically the most common types are: cross-draught, semi-downdraught and downdraught. Our team can select the right impeller to match the system requirements of each of these airflow styles.

Axair don’t supply spray booths, prep benches or any finished product but our industrial range of impellers and fans adhere to industry standards, specifications and meet the requirements of both standard and custom manufacturing plants. Paint shops in most manufacturing plants are the largest consumer of energy, especially in the automotive industry. Therefore choosing the most effective and efficient ventilation components is the only solution to delivering an energy efficient and greener manufacturing plant.

Fans for Spray Booths

Why Source the Impeller and Motor Seperately?

Sourcing fans with motors for spray booth ventilation can make plant assembly a little more cumbersome and manufacturers often have different suppliers for their motors. This can lead to delays in production as engineers have to find a work around a fan and motor module to ensure it fits, quite often this can lead to unbalanced impellers and a lack of performance. Choosing to source a correctly sized impeller for a spray booth application based on its own advantageous qualities, is the preferred route for the largest players in the paint booth market and one that smaller independent paint booth manufacturers are looking to replicate. With this method, the manufacturer supplies their own motor that is located outside of the airstream for additional safety.

When we supply the impeller only we advise our clients to use the LRHF range of aluminium impellers along with matching inlet rings from our manufacturing partner, Rosenberg. The LRHF range, also referred to as the R63 range of impellers are manufactured from a lightweight aluminium material ensuring they are much easier to transport and install than competitors steel alternatives. Our industrial team can advise on the motor and shaft size that are suitable for the impeller we chose, ensuring that it meets your operating point of X airflow @ X pressure so the unit performs accurately. Taper lock bushes are also supplied according to the shaft size. Where ATEX motors are required, the onus is on the manufacturer to determine the zone that the unit will be operating in and take responsibility for the appropriateness of the motor they select. Usually motors are 400V, 3 phase with inverter control. Where required we can supply the inverter drive that is suitable for your chosen motor.

We help spray booth manufacturers precisely match the size of the motor and fan performance for each paint booth so that each fan operates at dBa levels within specified levels.

The LRHF R63 Aluminium Impeller

Fans for Spray Booths R63 Impeller

Lightweight Aluminium

Fans for Spray Booths R63 Impeller

280-1000 Diameter

R63 Impeller for Spray Booth Applications

Balanced to DIN ISO 21940-1

Made of aluminium (AlMg3) all R63 LRHF impellers feature 8 backward curved blades and are statically and dynamically balanced according to DIN ISO 21940-1 at least with quality level G6.3. A compact and flexible design all R63 impellers are supplied with aluminium hubs (Bgr.250 – 710) and Taper-Lock steel hubs (Bgr.450 – 710). A backward curved impeller fan is used predominantly in the exhaust of a spray booth because it is engineered to handle the paint overspray in the air and it can handle greater static pressure. Handling higher static pressure in the case of a paint booth generally means it can flow air through heavily soiled filters or through ductwork with a lot of turns.


Example Drawing; R63 Impeller 800mm Ø

Download drawings for our most popular sized impellers below


R63 Impeller Fans for spray booths

R63 Impeller Hubs