High Pressure EC Plug Fans for Containment & Cleanroom Ventilation Systems

High Pressure EC Plug Fans for Containment & Cleanroom Ventilation Systems

Efficient EC plug fans provide the necessary pressure and airflow to adhere to the strict environment of cleanroom, containment and isolation applications. Air management and maintaining a constant air pressure using properly specified industrial fans are key aspects of providing a safe and healthy environment in cleanrooms.

Cleanrooms are contained rooms with highly efficient fan filter units built into the ceiling and connected to the building ventilation system, that vacuum the air particles in the room through a set of HEPA filters. This highly precise ventilation system controls the temperature, maintains a constant air pressure and continuously cleans and filters the air to eliminate contaminants protecting staff from exposure to highly potent pharmaceutical ingredients whilst also ensuring a clean uncontaminated procedure in the case of processing.

The Importance of Cleanroom Ventilation


Clean rooms are specified by how clean the air is needed in the room, the source and size of the contaminated particles that need to be removed and how much air needs to be recirculated to remove the contaminants. Although it is impossible to remove all the particles from a room, there are strict classification guidelines for companies to follow. Pharmaceutical cleanrooms classifications generally range between ISO 5 and ISO 8, or slightly higher depending on the level of medication.

Effective cleanroom ventilation systems provide better containment of active ingredients ensuring medicinal products are packaged in pristine condition. As the development of new strengths of medication grows so does the need to safeguard staff working in these environments. Some pharmaceutical powders can be highly potent and therefore cleanroom designers in this sector have strict guidelines to follow to eliminate exposure.  It is important that all personal using these rooms know how to clean the room, change air filters and monitor the air flow of the room.

Containment and particle processing

Maintaining Pressure in Fan Filter Units (FFU’s) For Cleanrooms

Pharmaceutical cleanrooms require three or four stages of HEPA filters and therefore need high pressure backward curved plug fans such as the GWheel EC plug fan which provide a much greater pressure than regular HVAC systems.

High performance ventilation systems ensure consistent clean air with a high air exchange rate and the correct measure of pressure, temperature and humidity. Even the smallest contaminated particle can affect products so it is vital for patient safety that companies are complaint with good manufacturing practices and adhere to the classification guidelines. System and industrial plug fan specification is determined by taking into account the individual characteristics of each cleanroom set up, including the number of contaminants that are likely to be produced, the size of the particles that need to be filtered and the airflow and pressure required to remove and purify the air. The size of the room will depend on the equipment needed and the number of processes required. A fan filter unit for containment serves to generate a uniform, particle free airflow in the clean room. FFU’s allow smaller air handling units to be specified for a particular cleanroom installation, saving time and cost.

Learn more about Fan Filter Units & Our G-Wheel Impeller

GKHM G Wheel

Energy Efficient & Constant Volume in a Backward Curved Plug Fans

As mentioned above, fan filter units have been a popular choice in the containment industry since they were first introduced in 1984. The technology behind it is simply a HEPA filter attached to an EC Plug Fan, offering highly efficient filtration to cleanrooms. Our German engineered EC modular plug fans are energy efficient and enable more compact air handling. G wheel backward curved fans will generate the airflow required and will work against the increasing resistances of any filters to deliver a constant volume of air due to the electronic computation of the EC motor, allowing the user to program the exact airflow and pressure requirements into the system. A senor works to constantly monitor the output and adjusts accordingly.

With reductions in operating noise, low running costs and high efficiency filtration that is easy to maintain the EC plug fan is the perfect solution for maintaining a clean, safe and cost effective clean room. Cleanrooms operate continuously and therefore tend to have high running costs so the initial capital outlay for incorporating energy efficient plug type fans is soon returned with the significant energy savings. The option of speed control allows for slowing down the fan filter unit when not in use to reduce power consumption and improve the life of the motor and filters.

Learn more about Rosenberg fans suitable for clean rooms by downloading the pdf. 

G-Wheel EC Modular Plug Fans

High efficiency, high pressure backward curved plug fans with Generation 3 EC motor and constant volume and pressure monitoring through integrated electronics and sensors. Our engineers preference for cleanroom and containment applications. 

GKHM G Wheel

Sheet Steel Metal Impeller coated in Quartz Grey (RAL7039)

6 backward curved, profiled blades and efficiency optimised diffuser wheel. Sound optimised. Mounting either horizontally or vertically.

G Wheel for Containment

Optimised for Pressure & Constant Volume

Fluid optimised inlet cone made of galvanised sheet steel. Airflow measuring equipment by circular pressure connections.

EC Generation 3 Motor

EC Generation 3 External Rotor Motor

Exceeds in accordance with IEC 60034-30-2 minimum requirements for IE5 (Ultra Premium Efficiency)

Fans for Containment applications


Rosenberg G Wheel EC-Plug fans combined with electronically commutated motors (EC-motors), form a very compact, efficient and optimised fan unit. They impress with low installation depth and a simple installation. Fast start-up is ensured because of well-integrated components. Available in a wide range of sizes and specifications. Above drawing for illustration only.

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