Corrosive Fume Extraction Fans

The S Range of Corrosion Resistant Fans

At Axair Fans we have 2 ranges of fume extraction fans:

The Axair ‘S’ range fans are designed to provide high air flow rate against medium system pressures; typical applications being the extract of corrosive fumes from laboratory fume cupboards and industrial process tanks. For more information on Corrosive Fume Extraction visit our dedicated Applications page.

We can provide a customised build, our fans assembled to order from stock components to create the perfect mechanical and electrical solution for you fume extract installation.

The range features a compact design, easy assembly and direct driven motors. The range consists of 10 basic sizes with a single piece moulded, high-density polypropylene casing. They are manufactured with industry standard round spigot sizes.

There is a wide variety of general accessories and controllers to compliment the range.

All polypropylene fans are directly driven by IEC dimensioned electric motors manufactured to BSN4999-EN60034 Standards and are selected on their capacity for:
• Low electromagnetic vibration
• Dimensional compactness
• Inverter drive compatibility
• Electrical terminal accessibility
• IP55 dust and hosed water protection
• Integrity of surface finish

Fume Extraction Fans S Range

We offer a range of accessories to facilitate installation. These include mechanical isolation of the fan from the ductwork by means of chemical resistant flexible duct connectors that can be attached by quick-release stainless steel band clips. Mechanical isolation of the fan from the motor pedestal or base by means of rubber anti vibration mountings of the correct hardness and compression. Flange pairs with sockets to fit standard plastic ductwork that can provide an easy method of disconnecting the fan stack on occasions where a flexible connector is impractical. We can also pre-wire to electrical isolators to the motor terminal to ensure first class electrical work in factory conditions and an isolator fan on the pedestal. For fume cupboards we can supply ‘low air’ alarms and air speed controls that are modern, sophisticated products requiring no special training to install and commission.

S Range Data:

Click on the product code to view the datasheet. (ATEX available on request.)

Model/minkWMotorV (1Ph)A (Full load 1Ph)A (Start 1Ph)V (3Ph)A (Full Load 3Ph)A (Start 3Ph)Request a Quote
S15/2 28700,3771-22302,874001,26
S15/4 14500,2571-42302,854001,05
S20/2L 28700,5571-22302,894001,57
S20/2M 28700,7580-22305,1144001,810
S20/2H 28701,1080-22307,0194002,514
S20/4 14500,2574-42302,054001,05
S25/2L 28701,5090S-223010,8284003,720
S25/2M 28702,2090L-223014,6634005,134
S25/2H 28703,0090L-24006,949
S25/4 14500,3771-42303,484001,25
S30/4 14501,5090L-423010,5284003,720
S30/4L 14500,7590-42304,8164002,28,0
S30/6 9300,7590S-62304,8164002,28,0
S35/4L 14504,00112M-440011,475
S35/4M 14505,50112M-440011,475
S35/4H 14507,50112M-440014,796
S35/6 9302,20112M-44005,3Y24Y

The ST Range of Corrosion Resistant Fans

STORM ‘ST’ range fume extraction fans are designed to provide a relatively low air flow rate against elevated system pressures; typical applications being air filtration, local extraction arms, fume scrubbers and chemical stores. The STORM range is ATEX approved.

Click here for specifications including electrical data, sound data and housing dimensions in addition to installation accessories for the full range.

Available in various handing and orientations on air inlet and can be mounted on a metal pedestal or a weather protecting box pedestal.

ATEX approved for hazardous substances to Zone 2. Contact us for more information.

Fume Extraction Fans ST ATEX Range
Model/minkWMotorV (1Ph)A (Full load 1Ph)A (Start 1Ph)V (3Ph)A (Full Load 3Ph)A (Start 3Ph)Request a Quote
ST10/2 28700,1256-22301,424000,56
ST10/4 14500,0956-42301,01,54000,51
ST12/2 28700,3771-22302,874001,56
ST12/4 14500,2571-42302,054001,05
ST14/2 28701,1080-22307,0194002,514
ST16/2 28702,2090L-223014,663400534

Download the fume extraction brochure for more electrical data and performance curves.Fume Extraction Fans