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Hot Gas Fans


Motors located out of the high temperature zone with in-built protection against shaft transmitted and/or radiated heat. In larger sizes, belt drive can make the motor even less vulnerable to the heat, which then only reaches the impeller bearing.

The type of impeller used depends on the application. In general a scroll housing will have forward-curved, and an open plenum will have a backward-curved impeller.


Hot air circulation within packaging equipment, printing dryers, industrial washing machines, kilns, industrial and laboratory ovens, environmental cabinets, laboratory incubators (low temperature air circulation).

Technical Specification

Specification Description
Motor Type

External rotor and standard types, out of airstream


Single and three phase models

Protection IP44/IP55 standard + specials

Backward and forward curved models


Continuous hot air handling with motor out of airstream


Scroll brackets, back-plate, and spider arms

Pressure Medium
Speed Control

Voltage variation. Frequency inverter in larger sizes. Belt-drive is also available as standard.


Ø97 to 710 impeller

Flow Rate

31800m³/h range maximum


2500 Pascals range maximum


300°C continious range maximum