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Since the ATEX Directive became enforceable in law on 1 July 2003, greater importance is now attached to defining the flameproof hazard. All decisions concerning specification of the correct fan type are now the responsibility of the end-user. The fan manufacturer must only supply product that is fully ATEX compliant i.e. the entire fan and motor assembly.

For more information see ATEX 94/9/EC.


Any application in which there is potential for explosive gasses being present in the environment or in the air stream. Some common examples would be hydrogen fumes from battery charging areas, methane gas in water processing plant, process powders and petro-chemical plant.

Technical Specification

Specification Description
Motor Type

External rotor (EExe), Standard type (EExnA, EExe, EExd and EExd(e))


Predominantly 3 phase models

Protection IP44 (external rotor motor) and IP55 (standard motor)


Axial and centrifugal

Features Directive certified

According to fan type

Pressure Low to medium according to fan type
Speed Control Frequency inverter located out of the Ex Zone

According to fan type