Forward & backward curved centrifugal fans - Kitchen Exhaust fans

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These centrifugal fans with motors outside the airstream for operation up to 100°C The motorised impeller is assembled to a hinged door providing access to the fan for cleaning, maintenance or inspection. The casing has a thermally insulated skin. 2 types of motors are available, external rotor motor or standard motors, in 2 or 4 pole speed.


Professional / Commercial kitchens

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product image


Motor Type Standard or external rotor motor, out of airstream Supply Single & three phase models
Protection IP21 or IP54 Impellers Backward and forward-curved types
Features Motorised impeller assembled to a hinged door for access. Mounting Integrated feet
Pressure Low Speed Control Voltage variation
Size Ø180 to 280 impeller Flow rate 8000m³/h range maximum
Pressure 1900 Pascals range Professional / Commercial maximum